Student Activities

Along with the academic activities, the college also has a number of extracurricular activities that the students can participate in. The college encourages the students to participate in such activities to build their social skills and talents.


Student Clubs

During the academic years, the students will have the opportunity to join various student clubs of the college. Student clubs provide a great opportunity for the students to build their networking skills and spend time on activities that interest them.

GCMER Club – Global Consortium medical Education and Research

A student oriented organization promoting global networking amongst undergraduate medical students, to achieve a consortium of research oriented minds, that can help each other through intellect and resources.

Sports Activities

The college hosts a number of sports activities on campus. Outdoor sports activities are held on a well-equipped playground of 15756.78 square meters.


Students can also opt to play indoor activities such as carom, table tennis and more.

Cultural Activities

Students will be able to participate in the cultural activities that are held on the campus annually. Through the cultural activities, the students will be able to nurture their talents and have a good extracurricular activity to balance their college life.