As a constituent part of the Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University), the Centre for Distance & Online Education has been established to provide high-quality educational opportunities to students who do not have access to quality higher education or are based in remote locations.

With the knowledge that almost 90% of the prospective college students (18-23 years old) have limited opportunities for higher education due to several factors such as rural and tribal residential locations, financial constraints and other personal limitations, the centre aims to accommodate students who still wish to pursue their studies despite of their problems.

The main aim of the centre is to provide high-quality education to the students along with all the necessary amenities that are needed to accelerate and enhance their self-learning process with BVDU.

Network of Academic Study Centre

The Centre for Distance & Online Education has established nine support centres in Pune, Navi Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolhapur, Solapur, Karad and Sangli. As an essential component for the distance and online education mode, these centres are a unique feature of the school that functions to provide the necessary materials and effective support to the students in their online and distance educational progress. Some of the facilities provided by the centre to the students for their educational journey are given below.

  • Conduct of assignments, tutorial sessions/seminars and University examinations Through the academic programmes conducted in collaboration with the faculties of Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University), the students are provided with the opportunity to grow through excellent academic counselling, seminars, tutorial sessions and continuous monitoring. The Academic Co-ordination Programme is created to monitor the programme effectively. The centre also provides excellent infrastructural facilities including state-of-the-art learning resources.
  • Subject-specific and general academic counselling by the senior academics
  • Excellent library facilities

What is the mode and delivery of programmes in CDOE?

Self-learning is the key objective and goal of the student under the Centre of Distance and Online Education. Through specially prepared reading materials, textbooks and supplementary reading, the students will be able to complete their programme. To ensure that the students fully understand the programme and have no trouble, the centre provides tutoring, subject counselling, special seminars and library facilities. The students are given regular assignments for evaluation and comments from their respective tutors to boost their academic progress.

One of the main functions of the support centres is to motivate the students and to assure them that they will be fully supported during their academic journey. Personal Contact Sessions and Seminars are also conducted at the study centres during holidays to guide students in solving their academic difficulties.