Academic Facilities



College is having good academic infrastructure with total constructed area as big as 5529 square meters. There are 10 lecture halls well equipped with audiovisual teaching aids.

5 Lectures halls are designed for audience and performer relationship, providing excellent visibility of screen and stage/platform.

Herbal Garden

The College takes pride in having a well-planned herbal garden that comprises several extinct and rare species of flora. There are more than 298 species including rare ones whereas the total number of medicinal plants is more than 1230. The students are motivated to take advantage of this garden to identify the species and to understand the morphological characterization of medicinal plants. UG and PG students from different colleges/institutes, school students and common people visit herbal gardens for the identification of various plants on a regular basis. Some of the plant products are also used for the day-to-day preparation of herbal medicine.


Research Labs

Research in Health sciences can be at Pre-Clinical, Para-Clinical and at Clinical level. Our College Has well equipped departmental laboratories for post graduate and doctoral Research works in Pre-Clinical, Para-Clinical departments. Our well-equipped Hospital and operation theaters and OPDs remain great resource and platform for Clinical Research.A dedicated Quality Control laboratory is attached with our Pharmacy. Quality control of herbal medicines involve sensory inspection (macroscopic and microscopic examinations) and analytical inspection using instrumental techniques.

Conference & Seminar Halls

Dhanwantari hall the spacious seminar/ conference hall is the place of gathering for different activities in College. Conferences and seminars are an integral part of any academic education. Hence, in order to ensure that they happen to run smoothly, there are spacious conference and seminar halls as well as an auditorium.



The College houses a well-equipped and spacious library and the students make the best use of the library facility as it enables them to meet their academic and research requirements. The books range from thousands of years old classics up to the latest editions of modern medical volumes. Peer-reviewed journals & standard periodicals are obtained and added to the already existing collection. Dissertations of PG students and thesis of Ph.D. holders are maintained properly so that new researchers can use them as a reference point.The silent and peaceful atmosphere of the library provides the right kind of ambiance and environment for one to study.

Working days

All college working days.

Working hours

8.30 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.

(This timing is extended during the examination period.)


Total number of books in the library

Library Services

  • OPAC – Online Public Access Catalogue
  • Lending of books
  • Open Access System
  • Book bank.
  • E-resources – CDs/DVDs
  • Audio – Video cassettes.
  • TV & VCR.
  • Computer & printing
  • Internet browsing
  • Display of current events/information
  • Inter-library Loan
  • Clipping
  • User orientation/ information literacy
  • Xerox facility
  • Online journals under INFLIBNET

Other details

  • For Details of Library, Subscribed E-Resources, Journals & Periodicals list, MD/MS Dissertations & Ph.D. Thesis list and Syllabus:
To See Our Journal For Full Ph. D. Thesis For Question Papers


  • The in-house pharmacy unit of the college is expanding and more than 100 most commonly used medicines are being manufactured here by using different machinery.
  • Specialized dosage forms of minerals and metals such as "Bhasma", "Rasasindoor", and “Rasapottali" are manufactured in the department by using the traditional methods.
  • The analytical laboratory is attached to this unit and it is equipped with basic & advanced analytical instruments for standardization of raw materials & finished products.
  • These standardized finished products are supplied to hospitals as per their requirement.

Academic Labs

There is provision of academic laboratories in departments of Sharir Rachana (Anatomy), Sharir Kriya (Physiology), Dravya Guna Vigyana (Pharmacology), Rasashastra Bhaishajya Kalpana (Pharmacy) and Roga nidana (Pathology). The laboratories and museums fulfill the requirements of Council. Details are given in respective department pages.



Museums remain an important teaching resource. College has well equipped museums in Departments of Sharir Rachana, Samhita, Kriya Sharir, Dravya Guna, Rasa Shastra and Bhaishajya Kalpana, Agad Tantra and Swasthavritta. Our clinical departments like Shalya Tantra, Shalakya Tantra, Stree Roga and Prasuti Tantra, Bala roga also showcase important specimens of which many are collected from our Hospital only. Our Panchakarma department showcase methods and materials and models of different panchakarma procedures.