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Centre for European Studies - Bridging Knowledge and Policy at BV(DU)

The Centre for European Studies stands as a distinguished academic institution, unwaveringly committed to advancing interdisciplinary research, education, and public discourse surrounding Europe and its global significance. Our mission is to cultivate a thriving intellectual community, foster engagement with policymakers, and serve as a dynamic platform for public deliberation on European matters.

Multifaceted Functions

The Centre fulfills an array of crucial functions, including communication, consortium formation, collaborative projects, educational initiatives, and policy outreach. Through these diverse roles, our primary objectives encompass the dissemination of knowledge in European studies to diverse audiences, the initiation and participation in cross-border research endeavors, the provision of cutting-edge education and training in European studies, and active engagement with policymakers and stakeholders within European affairs. We seek to bridge the chasm between academic research and the policymaking sphere.

Our Vision
  • The Centre for European Studies aspires to ascend as a preeminent hub for European studies within India and the broader region. Our vision encompasses the promotion of cultural exchanges and academic collaborations between India and Europe, underpinned by our commitment to nurturing interdisciplinary research and scholarly pursuits. We endeavor to invigorate an intellectually vibrant community and serve as a pivotal platform for public discourse on European affairs.
Our Mission
  • At the core of our mission is the promotion of research and publications in the realm of European studies. We aim to facilitate cultural dialogue, foster the exchange of knowledge and scholars, and ultimately engender enhanced understanding, mutual respect, and harmonious relations. As a facilitating agency, supported by both the European Union and Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University), we are resolutely dedicated to serving Indian scholars with a penchant for Europe and European scholars with a fascination for India.
Core Values

Goals and objectives

  • Facilitate enriching cultural dialogues between Europe and India.
  • Supervise and nurture robust collaborations with European partners.
  • Conduct comprehensive short-term and long-term teaching modules.
  • Foster the academic exchange of both teachers and students.
  • Concentrate on groundbreaking research, translation endeavors, and the promotion of interdisciplinary learning.

The Centre for European Studies at BV(DU) is committed to fostering international understanding and scholarship, serving as a beacon of enlightenment and engagement in the world of European studies.