Department of Critical Care Medicine

HOD's Message

Critical Care Medicine is a relatively new specialty in India. BV (DTU) MC, Pune was among the first few institutions in the country to be granted permission to run the DM Critical Care Medicine program affiliated to the National Medical Commission.

Dr. Shivakumar Iyer

Department of Critical Care Medicine

The purpose in Critical Care Medicine is not only to provide timely and appropriate care to acutely ill patients in order to improve their chances of survival but also to know when such life sustaining interventions may not be of benefit. The families of such patients undergo severe psychological, emotional and financial stress. The personnel working with these patients are also at risk of developing stress and burnout. Critical Care Medicine is multi-professional and multi-disciplinary requiring dedication and team work.

Our major focus is on education and research in critical care medicine as reflected in our activities and our publications. Students and nurses trained in our department have received placements at premier hospitals in our country and abroad.

We remain committed to providing state of the art treatment to our patients and creating competent and humane professionals in critical care medicine.