Department of General Medicine


The Department of General Medicine is committed to contributing to medical science and improving patient health care. Our researchers conduct innovative research with a focus on developing preventive and therapeutic strategies and providing advanced treatment options.

Research Areas

The Department has their research areas on Vaccine Trails and COVID Research. They are keener towards the safety and measures to be taken during the COVID times.

Research Projects

The Department of General Medicine offers exceptional research opportunities for students. The various research activities of the department includes Completed Major and Minor Research Projects.

Major Project

Studies on Glycation Induced modifications in Diabetes Mellitus in Diabetes Study of RAGE in Type II Diabetes in collaboration with Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Information Technology and Biotechnology & Research Society for Study of Diabetes in India

Minor Projects

  • Role of Vitamin D in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
  • Inflammatory Markers in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
  • Iron Status in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and its co-relation with Insulin Resistance

Sponsored Projects

Below listed is the Department’s Sponsored (Funded) Ongoing Research projects

Sr.No Title of project Date of sanctioning of project Date of starting of project Probable date of completion of project Duration of Project in months Name of Principal investigator Name/s of co-investigators
1 Feasibility of the Home Isolation Programme for adults and children with COVID 19 Patients 01/08/2020 01/07/2020 30th Sept 2020 3 Months Dr. Purwa Doke Dr. Jitendra Oswal, Dr. Disha Padalkar, Dr. Mohit Jain
2 Anti- coronavirus therapies (ACT) to prevent progression of COVID 19 trial   01-Jul-20 31st July 2020 1 month Dr. Purwa Doke Dr. Shivakumar Iyer, Dr. Jignesh Shah, Dr. Sujata rege
3 Anti –Coronavirus Therapies (ACT) to prevent progression of COVID 19: Randomized trails   30/6/2020 30/12/2020 6 Months Dr. Purwa Doke  
4 Clinical Profile of COVID -19 infected patients admitted in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Western INDIA 09/07/2020 01-Jul-20 1st July 2021 12 months Dr. Supriya Barsode Dr. (Col) V.P.Singh, Dr. Arundhati Diwan, Dr. Nitin Gadkari, Dr. Rishi Patel
5 Risk Factor association and development of severity prediction score in COVID -19 patients 27/07/2020 31/07/2020 31-Jul-20 3 months Dr. Sujata Rege Dr. Gargee Pore, Dr. Amit Nisal, Dr. Meghana Padwal, Dr. A.A.Momin
6 Protocol Title: A phase 2 evaluation of the efficacy of homeopathic remedy Zincum Muriaticum as an adjuvant therapy to standard of care in adult subjects with moderate to severe COVID-19: Randomised, double blind, parallel group, placebo controlled, multicenter trial (ZIMCOV) 21/10/2020     12 months Dr. Prachee Makashir  
7 A Prospective, Open Label, dose escalation phase I clinical study to evaluate the safety, tolerability and immunogenicity of Reliance Life Sciences SARS-coV -2 Recombiant protein subunit vaccine in healthy volunteers. 29/12/2021 17/1/2022 16/6/2022 6 mths

Dr.Prachee Makashir




Dr.Purwa Doke, Dr.Swati Chouhan, Dr.Bhabatosh Saha


In the last five years, the faculty members of the Department of General Medicine have published 125 works in the form of case reports and original articles with the active participation of the postgraduate students.

Sr.No Title Author Journal Year
1 TNFA and IL10 Polymorphisms and IL-6 and IL-10 Levels Influence Disease Severity in Influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 Virus Infected Patients Kalichamy Alagarasu, Himanshu Kaushal, Pooja Shinde, Mahadeo Kakade, Urmila Chaudhary, Vikram Padbidri , Shashikala A. Sangle, Sonali Salvi, Ashish R. Bavdekar, Pradeep D’costa and Manohar Lal Choudhary, MDPI Dec 2021
2 The impact of COVID-19 on the postgraduate exit examination in a clinical subject Arundhati Diwan, V. P. Singh, Sampada Karne, Supriya Barsode, Varad Nadkarni International Journal of Advances in Medicine Sep 2021
3 Two-Gene Signature for Tuberculosis Diagnosis in Persons With Advanced HIV Vandana Kulkarni, Artur T. L. Queiroz, Shashi Sangle, Anju Kagal, Sonali Salvi, Amita Gupta, Jerrold Ellner, Dileep Kadam, Valeria C. Rolla, Bruno B. Andrade, Padmini Salgame and Vidya Mave Pubmed.ncbi Feb 2021
4 Association of Body Mass Index with immune recovery ,Virological failure & casrdivascular disease risk among people living with HIV , HIV Medicine W M Han;, A Jiamsakul Jantarapakde;, E Yunihastuti;, R Ditangco, R Chaiwarith, L P Sun;, S Khusuwan, T P Merati9, C D Do;, I Azwa, M-P Lee, K Van Nguyen, Y-J Chan; S Kiertiburanakul, O T Ng; J Tanuma;, S Pujari;, F Zhang;, Y M Gani;, S Sangle; J Ross;, N Kumarasamy Pubmed.ncbi 2021
5 Tocilizumab plus standard care versus standard care in patients in India with moderate to severe COVID-19- associated cytokine release syndrome (COVINTOC): an openlabel, multicentre, randomised, controlled, phase 3 trial Arvinder S Soin, Kuldeep Kumar, Narendra S Choudhary, Pooja Sharma, Yatin Mehta, Sushila Kataria, Deepak Govil, Vikas Deswal, Dhruva Chaudhry, Pawan Kumar Singh, Ashish Gupta, Vikas Agarwal, Suresh Kumar, Shashikala A Sangle, Rajesh Chawla, Suneetha Narreddy, Rahul Pandit, Vipul Mishra, Manoj Goel, Athimalaipet V Ramanan. The Lancet Respiratory Medicine May 2021
6 Evaluation of COVID-19 patients requiring oxygen therapy in a tertiary care teaching hospital Priti Dave, Gargee M. Pore, V. P. Singh, Supriya S. Barsode International Journal of Advances in Medicine Dec 2021
7 Impact of Adherence, Patient Perception, and Knowledge to Statin Therapy – A CrossSectional Study Siddhi Umarje, Neha M. James, Priti Dave1, Asawari Raut, Neha Pandey Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism May 2021
8 Association of MTHFR C677T (rs1801133) and A1298C (rs1801131) Polymorphisms with Serum Homocysteine, Folate and Vitamin B12 in Patients with Young Coronary Artery Disease Rajni R. Shivkar, Gayatri C. Gawade Meghana K. Padwal, Arundhati G. Diwan, Sumiran A. Mahajan, Charushila Y. Kadam Ind J Clin Biochem May 2021
9 Clinical Profile of Covid-19 Infected Patients Admitted in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Western India, Dr. Virendra Prasad Singh, Dr. Arundhati Diwan, Dr. Supriya Barsode, Dr. Rishi Patel, Dr. Nitin Gadkari The Indian Practitioner Oct 2021
10 Knowledge, Attitudes and Apprehension Regarding COVID-19 Vaccination in Healthcare Workers Lalwani, Kajol, Regi, Jennie. K., Doke, Purwa, Pawar, Sunita Pharmacy Practice and Research 2021
11 Clinical and Radiological Outcomes of Recovered COVID-19 Patients- An Observational Study during the Early Phase of the Pandemic, Disha Atul Padalkar, Medha Bargaje, Purwa Prakash Doke, Sarosh Gilani, Varad Nadkarni, Sanbanki Pala Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research July 2021
12 Pheochromocytoma related intracerebral hemorrhage, hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy and diabetes mellitus Aundhati Diwan, Chandrakant Chavan, Varsha Jagtap, Priti Dave, Sampada Karne, Sumiran Mahajan, Nihal Shah International Journal of Advances in Medicine April 2021
13 Correlation of homocysteine and lipid profile Parameters with ischemic heart disease Shilpa Shaunak Sule, N C Edul, R S Wadia MedPulse International Journal of Medicine Jan 2020
14 Evaluation of prescribing pattern and rationality of fixed dose combinations in patients of general medicine department Nupuri Joshi1, Anvita Falke, Sajin Saji, Arundhati Diwan, Asawari Raut International Journal of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology Jan 2020
15 Klebsiella pneumoniae Causing Liver Abscess, Endophthalmitis, and Cavitary Pneumonia Purwa Doke, Rajeev Soman, Bharat Purandare, Arundhati Diwan, Sumeran Mahajan, MBBS, and Shweta Panchakshari, Infectious Diseases in Clinical Practice July 2020
16 The burden of anxiety among people living with HIV during the COVID-19 pandemic in Pune, India Ivan Marbaniang*, Shashikala Sangle, Smita Nimkar, Kanta Zarekar, Sonali Salvi, Amol Chavan, Amita Gupta1, 4, Nishi Suryavanshi and Vidya Mave BMC Public Health 2020
17 Quantitative assessment of olfactory dysfunction accurately detects asymptomatic COVID-19 carriers Anindya S. Bhattacharjeea, Samir V. Joshib, Shilpa Naikb, Shashikala Sangleb, Nixon M. Abrahama E Clinical Medicine Nov 2020
18 Convalescent plasma in the management of moderate COVID-19 in India: An open-label parallel- arm phase II multicentre randomized controlled trial (PLACID Trial) ., Anup Agarwal, Aparna Mukherjee, Gunjan Kumar, Pranab Chatterjee, Tarun Bhatnagar, PankajShashikala A Sangle BMJ Public Health Emergency Collection Oct 2020
19 Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices Toward Coronavirus Disease 2019 Among People in a Tertiary Care Hospital in India Purwa Doke, MD Sujata Rege, DNB and Sonali Palkar Infectious Diseases in Clinical Practice Sept 2020
20 Splenomegaly – A Diagnostic Diklemma Dr. Aarohi Doshi, Dr. Rishi Patel, Dr. Purwa Doke The Indian Practitioner Oct 2020
21 Analysis of patients of hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis Secondary to Infections Arundhati G. Diwan, Supriya S. Barsode1, Amit R. Nisal, Ruturaj S. Deshpande, Mayur D. Patil, Neeraj S. Shettar, Vishal C. Lali1, Gargee M. Pore, Bhabatosh K. Saha International Journal of Advances in Medicine Oct 2020
22 Feasibility of the home isolation programme for adults and children with COVID - 19 Purwa Doke, Jitendra Oswal, Disha Padalkar, Mohit Jain International Journal of Advances in Medicine Nov 2020
23 Invasive fungal infection : A visible Menace Priti Dave, Kevin Bora, Sukriti Joshi, Yashowardhan Taparia, Mayur Patil Global Journal of Medicine & Public health 2020
24 Spurious Hyperkalemia can to be misdiagnosed and unnecessary treated Dr. Priti Dave, Dr. Deepak Bhosle, Dr. Anuj Darak, Dr. Kathan Doshi International Journal of Medicine Research January 2019
25 Study Of Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection In A Tertiary Hospital Priti Dave, Sumit Jagtap, Pushkar Patil, Subrat Jain International Journal Of Scientific Research Feb 2019
26 Study of role of pulse oxymetry during nonsedated upper gastrointestinal endoscopic procedure Sukanya Dasgupta, Supriya Barsode International Journal of Advances in Medicine Aug 2019
27 Prevalence of pre diabetes in adults below 40 years with special reference to modifiable risk factors Dr. Gadkari Nitin, Dr. Rishi Patel, Dr. Varun Chavan, Dr. Ruturaj Deshpande, Dr. Shreehari Dinesh Journal of Medical Science and Clinical Research April 2019
28 Study of Pleural Effusion in Chronic Kidney Disease Dr. Gadkari Nitin, Dr. Rishi Patel, Dr. Tushar Shet, Dr. Ameya Patil, Dr. Sumiran Mahajan Journal of Medical Science and Clinical Research May 2019
29 Clinical profile and outcomes in patients with acute kidney Injury with and without underlying co-morbidities. Dr. Shilpa s. Sule, Dr. Khalid i. Khatib, Dr. dileep b.Kadam, Dr. Vrushali r.Wagh Indian Journal Of Applied Research July 2019
30 Clinical profile of patients of acute pulmonary thromboembolism Dr. Arundhati Diwan, Supriya Barsode, Chandrakant Chavan, Rohit Jakhotia, Krishnapriya Vadlapatla International Journal of Advances in Medicine June 2019
31 Predicting The Severity Of Dengue Based On A Few Clinical And Laboratory Indicators: A Retrospective Analysis Dr. Purwa Doke, Dr. Bharat Purandare Indian Journal Of Applied Research Sept 2019
32 Clinicaland Biochemical Profile Of Type 2 Diabetes Patients In Ruralarea Dr.Sujata Khatal International Journal Of Scientific Research Oct 2019
33 Correlation Of Incidence And Severity Of Retinopathy With Systemic Risk Factors In Type 2 Diabetes Dr.Sujata Khatal Indian Journal Of Applied Research Oct 2019
34 Comperative study of different glycating agents on human plasma and vascular cells Rashmi S Tupe1, Nilima Banger1, Arundhati Diwan2, Dhanashri Changale1, Shivani Choudhary1, Shubhangi Chaware Molecular Biology Reports Nov 2019
35 Study of correlation between serum vit-B12 and Homocysteine levels with ischemic heart Disease Shilpa Shaunak Sule, N C Edul, R S Wadia MedPulse International Journal of Medicine Dec 2019
36 ECG Changes In Dengue Fever Dr. Rishi Patel, Dr. Pushkar Shah INDIAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED RESEARCH January 2018
37 Correlation of Serum Adiponectin and Leptin levels in Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Arundhati G. Diwan, Aniket A. Kuvalekar, Siddharth Dharamsi, Aditya M. Vora, Vivek A. Nikam, Abhijit A. Ghadge Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism March 2018
38 Levels of serum magnesium in patients with Alcoholic Liver Disease Dr. Supriya Barsode, Arundhati Diwan, Uday Gokhale, Bhushan Rathi, Sahil Nagrani, Aviral Shah, Aditya Borawake, Ruturaj Deshpande The Indian Practitioner April 2018
39 Polypharmacy Induced Hyponatremia: An Additive Effect Dr. Arundhati Diwan, Dr. Siddhi Umarje, Dr. Sunil Jawale, Dr. Asawari Raut, Dr. Aviral Shah The Indian Practitioner April 2018
40 A study of patients with liver cirrhosis and portal Hypertension with special reference to hematological Profile Dr. Prachee Makashir, Dr. Siddharth Wable Indian Journal Of Applied Research June 2018
41 A study of critically ill obstetric patients admitted in Intensive care unit and their outcome at a tertiary care Centre Dr. Prachee Makashir, Dr. Pratik Sethiya Indian Journal Of Applied Research June 2018
42 Comparison of Drug Related Problems Associated with Use of Narrow Therapeutic Index Drugs and Other Drugs in Hospitalized Patients Kapil Iyer, Neha Dilipkumar, Sharmin Vasaya, Sunita Pawar, Arundhati Diwan Journal of Young Pharmacists, Oct 2018
43 Near –Peer Teaching Program for first year Residents in Medicine Kavita Krishna. Vivek Saoji, Arundhati Diwan, Iyyer Shiva, Priti Dave, Elizabeth Sada,Prashant Zhedge South –East Asion Journal of Medical Education 2017
44 Vitamin B12 deficiency in Chronic Kidney Disease Dr. Rohan Patil, Dr. Deepak Bhosle, Dr .Rizwan Malik International Organozation of Scientific Research 2017
45 Assessment of Psychological Symptoms in patients attending A Rheumatology Clinic Dr. Gayatri Bhatia, Dr. Jyoti Shetty, Dr. Kavita Krishna, Dr. Sandesh Ghiya International Journal of Science and Research 2017
46 Toxicological pattern of poisoning in Urban Hospitals of Western India Dr.Dave Priti Journal of Young Pharmacists 2017
47 Study of Clinical Profile of Guillain Barre Syndrome Dr. Priti dave, Dr. A.G.Diwan, Dr. Baldeep Singh, Dr. Saurabh Thavare, Dr. Kunal Bonde, Dr. Bhargav Desai Journal of Medical Science and Clinical Research 2017
48 Adipocytokines and Anthropometric measures in type 2 diabetics Dr. Shubhangi Karke, Dr. Suresh Khadke, Dr. Abhijit Ghadge, Dr. Ashwini manglekar, Dr. Shshank Shah, Dr. Arundhati Diwan, Dr. Aniket kuvalekar Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome : Clinical Reseach & Reviews 2017
49 Gender dependent effects of fasting blood glucose levels and disease duration on biochemical markers in type 2 diabetics : A pilot study Dr. Abhijit Ghadge, Dr. Arundhati Diwan, Dr. Abhay Harsulkar, Dr. Aniket kuvalekar Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome : Clinical Reseach & Reviews 2017
50 Study of Cognitive Impairment in type 2 Diabetis mellitus Dr. Supriya Barsode, Dr. Lotke, Dr. Diwan Journal of Medical Science and clinical Research 2016
51 A diverse spectrum of cardiomyopathies including atypical variants Dr.Sachin Adukia, Dr.A.G.Diwan, Indian Journal of applied Research 2016
52 A study of Hepatic Involvement in HIV Positive patients Dr. K.Krishna, Dr. Gadkari, Dr. Vivek Doshi, Dr. Arundhati Diwan Journal of Medical Science and Clinical Research 2016
53 Evaluation of Osteoporosis in Elderly with Novel Diagnostic Tools Dr. Madhu Bansode, Dr. Pankaj Bansode, Dr. Vaibhav Lotake, Dr. Manasi Korde Journal of Medical Science and clinical Research 2016
54 Serum Vitamin D levels in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus –A Missing Link Dr. Madhu Pankaj, Dr. Pankaj Bansode, Dr. A G Diwan, Dr. Chaitanya Lodha, Dr. Babhani Sahoo Journal of Medical Science and clinical Research 2016
55 Study of Anaemia in Elderly Dr. Priti Dave, Dr. Arundhati Diwan, Dr. Rohit Gosavi, Dr. Prajakta Patil, Dr. MD Mustaque Indian Journal of Applied Research 2016
56 An overview of Rational prescribing pattern in Hypertensive patients in Tertiary care Hospital Dr.Arundhati Diwan International journal of pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 2016