High Risk Pregnancy & Critical Care in Obstetrics



High Dependency Unit Obstetrics [HDU]

  • One of the largest dedicated 6 bedded Obstetrics HDU
  • Caters to high-risk mothers
  • 24x7 monitoring
  • Daily rounds by Senior Consultants in High-Risk Pregnancy
  • Dedicated residents posted in the HDU
  • Daily rounds by Senior Professor in Medicine, Dr. Prachee Mokashir, who is IDCCM qualified
  • 6 multi-para monitors, infusion pumps, and central oxygen
  • Monitoring with trained nurses with the Modified Obstetrics Early Warning Signs [MOEWS]
  • Use of Simulators to provide training in Emergency Obstetrics, Shock, Endotracheal Intubation, PPH Drills, Eclampsia Drills.

Obstetrics HDU & ICU

  • Any pregnant woman can develop life-threatening complications with little or no warning.
  • The women with obstetric complications need access to quality maternal health services that can detect and manage these complications.
  • A few of them need 24x7 personalized care by skilled providers trained in High-Risk Pregnancy and Critical aspects of Obstetrics
Obstetrics Complains Pregnancy with Medical Complains
Pregnancy with severe anemia Hb <7 gm % Pregnancy with GDM Uncontrolled
Ante partum hemorrhage Pregnancy with cardiac disease
Post-Partum hemorrhage Atonic, Traumatic Pregnancy with liver disorders
Severe Pre-Eclampsia. HELLP syndrome Pregnancy with fever, Dengue, Malaria, Urinary tract infection, upper respiratory tract infection.
Ruptured ectopic pregnancy Pregnancy with pulmonary edema
Multiple gestation with complications Pregnancy with renal disorders, ARF
Pre-term labor requiring active to colytics and monitoring. Pregnancy with acute abdomen
Post-Operative patients requiring hemodynamic monitoring or intensive nursing care Pregnancy with trauma, poisoning asthma, H1N1 pneumonia.