Proficient Optometrist are able to carry out refraction as a part of comprehensive eye

examination using sophisticated instruments to help you out in transition from blur to clear vision.A sound knowledge of theory in Visual Optics is a pre-requisite for Practical training in clinical refraction and related areas.

The objective of this course here, in Bharati Vidyapeeth School of Optometry, Pune is to prepare the candidate through didactic lectures which he is expected to translate into practice at the clinics.

Prescribing refractive correction after proper objective and subjective refraction along with cycloplegic refraction is the very essence of refraction and prescribing accurate corrections.

Low Vision Care

“Not all forms of vision impairment come with a black goggle and a walking stick.”

In the 10th revision of the WHO International Statistical Classification of Diseases, Injuries and Causes of Death, 'low vision' is defined as visual acuity of less than 6/18 but equal to or better than 3/60, or a corresponding visual field loss to less than 20°, in the better eye with the best possible correction.

Here, in Bharati Vidyapeeth School of Optometry, Pune, we help our students to make them qualified Optometrists, who eventually become specialized eye health care professionals for Low Vision patients, leading a fruitful channel for the identification, visual assessment, functional assessment, management and Visual Rehabilitation of Low Vision Patients.

During the practical sessions in our department, which happen side by side to theory lectures, the students get accessibility to various optical low vision aids and non-optical ways. This helps the students of our college, aiding the Low vision patients they will be seeing in future to protect and enhance their remnant vision, and help them to lead a b better and functional life.