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Building the Bridge

The Building the Bridge session with Optom. Phani Krishna Athreya sir. He shared his experience on how to achieve greater heights, to begin with as a student and as a practitioner. We got to know of a truly inspiring journey, led through a nostalgic era, and with a perfect combination of hard work, and dedication in real life circumstances he faced, which he encountered with a very positive attitude.

The students and faculty were exhilarated on connecting with him. And have surely gained a lot from the session of Building the Bridge.

He is a post graduate from School of Optometry, BV(DU)MC, Pune and is currently pursuing his PhD from Sushant University, Gurgaon.

He has worked for a couple of years in the Retail sector with corporates like Titan eye + and Vision Express. He was trained in clinical skills at LVPEI and Maxivision, Hyderabad & at Dr Gogate eye clinic, Pune.

He has an Academic experience of several years, Specially in Occupational Optometry, Contact lenses, Visual Optics and Low vision.

He is currently associated with Amity University Haryana and was a part of School of Health sciences, Sushant (Ansal) University, Gurgaon as an assistant professor.

He has 3 international publications to his credit in the field of Cornea, Contact lens and Occupational optometry. He is a member of IACLE, OCI and life member of IOA. He organized several workshops, seminars and a Conferences.