Director's Message

Dr. A.C. Mishra Director


IRSHA, established about 2 decades ago, is engaged in conducting biomedical research in frontiers of knowledge in human health. Leadership role has been established around Mother and Child health by developing linkages with national agencies/ institutes like ICMR, DST, DBT, KEM- Pune, NII- New Delhi, CCMB-Hyderabad, and international agencies/institutes like WHO, Bill Gates Malinda, and Southampton university, UK. Valuable cohort in Pre-eclampsia is one and only of its kind in the country.

Virology group established National Immunogenicity and Biologicals Evaluation Center (NIBEC) with financial support from BIRAC/DBT, Government of India. NIBEC played a vital role in Covid vaccine development in India by supporting Indian companies like SIIPL, BBIL, Zydus and Gennova by assessing immunogenicity of vaccines during clinical trials. The group also supported national and international companies in development of antivirals and virucidal products.

The Non-communicable diseases group continues to evaluate role of herbal/ Ayurvedic/ Unani products in diseases like cancer, diabetes, obesity, inflammation etc. The group is also supporting sponsored clinical trials of the products from reputed Indian manufacturers.

Overall, progress of the institute is stirring. We appreciate the generous support extended by the management of the university and Bharati Hospital. We are thankful to Hon Chancellor, Hon Vice Chancellor, Hon Secretary of the University and Hon Executive Director of the Bharati Hospital. We are grateful to BIRAC/DBT and our collaborators for their continued support.

Dr. A.C. Mishra M.Sc, Ph.D, LL.B, FAsc, FNA