NIBEC Facility


Highlights of facility
  • BMS software for continuous monitoring of laboratory
  • H2O2 decontamination
  • Fumigation airlock and passbox
  • 100% exhaust through HEPA filter
  • Effluent treatment plant
  • Double door autoclave


Highlights of Facility
  • 4 separate labs with segregation of infectious and non-infectious cell culture work
  • Each lab equiped with Class A2 Biosafety cabinet, CO2 incubator, microscope, centrifuge, refrigerator, waste aspiration system, etc.
  • Controlled AHU system with 30 % exhaust through HEPA filter

Fluorescence Microscope

Highlights of facility
  • 5-position nosepiece
  • LED illumination,
  • channel for fluorescence light source with integrated control unit for continuous brightness adjustment (red, green, blue, UV), control panel for fluorescence lights
  • filter sets with illumination system like DAPI, FITC, TRITC and Cy5
  • Integrated camera connected to dedicated computer

Meso Scale Discovery (MSD)

Highlights of Facility
  • We have MESO SECTOR S 600 reader from Meso Scale Discovery.
  • It is an ultrasensitive, high-speed, six-log dynamic range, with a rapid read time (70 seconds/plate) plate imager with industrial capacity.
  • MSD offers several advantages: higher sensitivity, ability to multiplex and scale-up, less sample volume requirement, high throughput .
  • The multiplex immunoassays offer simultaneous quantification of about 10 antigens in single run with only ~25µl sample.
  • MSD immunoassays provide broad range of analytes ranging from cytokines, chemokines, antibodies, growth factors, specific disease related biomarkers (SARS CoV2, Cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's disease, cancer, kidney injury).
  • These assays can be customized according to customers requirement.

Multimode Plate Reader

Highlights of Facility
  • Wavelength: 200 to 900 nm capable of reading fluorescence and luminescence plate shaking
  • 21CFR compliant software and connectivity to LIMS


Highlights of Facility
  • High throughput, dispenses and aspirate from 96 wells simultaneously
  • In built program for priming, cleaning, disinfection, windows connectivity

CytoflexLX (Beckman Coulter)

Highlights of Facility
  • Equipped with five lasers (Violet, Blue, Red, Yellow green &UV) with 19 colors and 21 parameter detection capacity
  • Expanded laser color palette provides flexibility to optimize panel design for efficient marker detection
  • High throughput ability due to 96 well plate loader system availability

CTL S6 Macroanalyser

Highlights of Facility
  • Single and Double-Color ELISPOT
  • Viral Infectivity and Neutralization Assays
    • PRNT / Viral Titer Assays (Plaque counting)
    • FRNT /FRA
  • Plate formats: 24, 48, 96, 384, 1584 and Teraski

Real Time – PCR System

Quant Studio7 Pro
  • Small footprint and standalone operation; setup, start, monitor, and analyze directly on the touchscreen
  • Provision of Security, Auditing, and E‑signature (SAE) and 21 CFR Part 11 compatibility
  • Versatility with easily changeable 4 different blocks and 6 filter set
  • Automation compatibility for 24/7 operation
  • Cloud-based platform for real-time information access, secure data storage
  • Compatible with over 8 million TaqMan Assays for gene expression, genetic variation, gene regulation, or protein expression experiments

KingFisher™ Duo Prime Nucleic Acid Purification

Highlights of Facility
  • Isolates DNA, RNA and proteins from cell-free body fluids, blood, bacteria, cell cultures, tissue and plant samples; with volumes ranging up to 5mL
  • Automated magnetic bead technology, allows excellent recovery of samples with great reproducibility and efficiency
  • Built-in UV lamp delivers easy and effective decontamination

Automated Liquid Handling System Integra

Highlights of Facility
  • Compact, plate filling, reagent addition reagent addition from tube to plate or plate to tube
  • Volume range15 to 1250 ul
  • Multichannel tip head capable of single well or multi-well liquid handling

Automated Liquid Handling System Biomek

Highlights of Facility
  • Bench with multiple deck positions for placing plates, tips, reservoirs, discard, tube inserts of various sizes.
  • Multichannel tip head capable of single well or multi well liquid handling in any direction.
  • Provision to remove lids of culture plates, intra well pipetting (single or variable channel), serial dilutions, plate stacking , cameras for live or remote-monitoring or on-error video capture
  • Connected to CO2 incubator, mutimode reader and plate washer


Highlights of Facility
  • Calibrated-80 and -20 for cryo storage. Additional back up freezers
  • Large refrigerators for media and kits storage.
  • Data logger enabled 24 x 7 temperature monitoring
  • Mini-20 freezers and refrigerators to minimize use of ice in laboratory
  • Liquid nitrogen tank for storage of cell line and PBMC's


Highlights of Facility
  • Multiple equipment such as biosafety cabinets, fume hood, cooling centrifuge, micro centrifuge, microscope, weighing balance, pH meter, single and multichannel manual/electronic micropipettes, vortex, computers, etc. for smooth functioning of laboratory