Chetana A. Kunde
Dr. Chetana A. KundeAssociate Professor

School of Physiotherapy, Pune

Experience 7.9

S.No Course Year Course Year College/University
1 MPT (Pediatric Neurosciences) 2012 Dr. D. Y. Patil College of Physiotherapy. Pune
2 BPTH 2009 Ravi Nair Physiotherapy College. Wardha.
S.No Desigination Organisation Department Duration
1 Associate Professor School of Physiotherapy, Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune Department of Neurophysiotherapy 1 June 2021- till Date
2 Assistant professor PDVVPF’S College of physiotherapy. Ahmednagar Department of Neurosciences 27th January 2015 To 26/11/2020 (5 year 10 month )
3 Physiotherapist Dr. Asha Chitnis ( NDT, USA) Dadar, Mumbai - 7th Oct 2009 – 31st Oct 2010
4 Physiotherapist Bharati Vidhyapeeth & Research Center, Pune - August 2012 – Feb 2015

Conference Participated

  • 2020 February- Scientifica. State level Research Conference. Effect of goal oriented training on capacity and performance qualifier of International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health in children with cerebral palsy: A Pilot study
  • 2019 January- MUHS State Level Research Conference. 4th Annual Conference Indian Academy Of Cerebral Palsy, Mumbai
  • 2017- 6th International Conference of Physical Therapy- AIIMS, Delhi.
  • 2016- IAP 54th Annual Conference; Shirdi.
  • 2015- Neurophysiotherapy Update, Manipal, Karnataka.
  • 2012- National Conference on Sports Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation, Pune
  • 2011- National Conference on Orthopedic Manual Therapy And Physiotherapy Update, Belgaum.
  • 1st Winner: Paper Presentation at MUHS State level research conference- 2019 Topic: Identification And Treatment Of Children With Developmental Delay In The Age Range Of 0- 24 Months In Rural Population: An Awareness And Training Program
  • Honored With Student Forum Award In IAP 54 Annual National Conference Shirdi 2016.
  • 3 rd dWinner: Poster Presentation. Neurophysiotherapy Update, Manipal, Karnataka. (2015-National (level) Topic- Comparison between Swiss Ball Training Vs PNF Technique on Trunk Control In Patients with Acute and Subacute Stroke.
  • 3 rd Winner: E - Poster Presentation, Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune. ( 2012 -2013- University level) Topic-Comparison Between Anterior And Posterior Walker On Physiological Cost Index In Children With Spastic Diplegic.

Paper Publication

  • A Comparative Study Between The Immediate Effects Of Tendinous Pressure Technique Versus Myofascial Release In The Reduction Of Spasticity: A Cross Over Study. VIMS J Physical Th. Jun 2020;2(1):21-27.
  • Various Static and Dynamic Balance Measuring And Training Mechanical Tools In Patients With Clinical Conditions: A Literature Review. Int J Physiother Res 2020; 8(2):3429-37. ISSN 2321-1822
  • Critical Analysis Of Various Hand Function Tools Children With Cerebral Palsy. VIMS J Physical Th. Dec 2019; 1(2):72-78. ISSN: 2456-4087.
  • Pragati Pustak – A parent oriented screening tool for identification of developmental delay in children till 2 years of age. The Journal of Indian Association of Physiotherapists.2019: 13(1):5-8.
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  • Correlation between Performance Oriented Mobility Assessment Scale and Activity Specific Balance Confidence Scale in Elderly Individual. Indian Journal of Physiotherapy And Occupational Therapy.2015, 9(3):198-202.

Patent Publication

  • Dr. Chetana Kunde, Dr. Suvarna Gnavir, Dr. Maheshwari.H. (Patent Publication). Indian Journal of Patent. The Patent Office Journal No. 26/2020. Patent. No. 201821014592 A.