Hostel Fee Particulars

Bharati Vidyapeeth has developed spacious educational campuses. These campuses have separate hostels for boys and girls. The Hostel Buildings are spacious and properly ventilated.

The Hostel Rooms are well equipped with furniture (fans, tube lights, cupboards (Lockers), cot, chair and table). Every hostel has spacious dining hall where meals are provided at reasonable rates. Each Hostel has a recreation hall with a coloured TV. Facilities for indoor game, Internet, Telephone/Fax, Xerox are available. Each Hostel is installed with a solar system to provide hot water to the students. Medical facilities are provided in the campus.

Admission to Hostel

  • A student who has been admitted to Bharati Vidyapeeth's College/Institute will alone be eligible to apply for admission to Hostel.
  • Student will have to buy prospectus from Hostel Office and apply for admission in the prescribed form through the Principal of the College.
  • Admission will be granted by the Management at its discretion. It cannot be claimed as a right.
  • Admission will be confirmed only after the student has paid hostel fees and deposit and submitted a copy of the Bank Challan (Office Copy) in the Hostel office. Hostel year will be from 1st June to 31st May.
  • Admission to the hostel will be valid only up-to 31st May of the Current academic year.
  • Student desire of continuing admission in the hostel for the next year will have to follow the same procedure as prescribed for first admission to the hostel. Admission to the Hostel in the subsequent years is not automatic.
  • Admission to hostel cannot be claimed as a matter of right.
  • For Readmission a student will have to apply for admission before 31st May of each year. A student failing to apply for readmission will forfeit his claim on the seat in the hostel.
  • Admissions of foreign students to the Hostels are governed by the rules and conditions applicable to them. A foreign student desirous of getting an admission to the Hostel should contact the Warden of the Hostels. The decision of the Warden to grant admission or otherwise will be final.
  • Identity Card of hostel will be issued within 10 days after hostel admission.
  • Identity card must be presented on demand.
  • While vacating the hostel, you must Deposit your hostel ID card to hostel office, otherwise hostel deposit will not be refunded.
Hostel Fees
Sr.No Campuses Hostel Particulars
Admission Fees (INR) Prospectus Fees (INR) Annual Hostel Fees (INR) Annual Mess Fess (INR) Hostel Deposit (Refundable) (INR) Total (INR)
1 Pune Dhankawadi Campus New Ladies Hostel 500 500 355000 50000 10000 416000
(For A/C Single Occupancy)
500 500 190000 50000 10000 251000
(For A/C Double Occupancy)
500 500 305000 50000 10000 366000
(For Non-A/C Single Occupancy)
500 500 165000 50000 10000 226000
(For Non-A/C Double Occupancy)
Gent's Hostel 500 500 60000 37500 5000 103500
2 Pune Erandwane Campus Ladies / Gents Hostel 500 - 60000 37500 5000 103000
3 Sangli Campus Ladies / Gents Hostel 500 500 50000 35000 5000 91000
4 Navi Mumbai Campus Gents Hostel 500 - 40000   5000 45500