The University focuses on providing the best resources to the students and the faculty for research and consultancy projects.

Currently, the University has three specialized research institutes that address various special challenges of the research programmes.

Through these institutes, the students and faculty will be able to carry out studies and analysis on different fields of health affairs, pharmaceutical sciences and social science. The University has also established prominent research centres to carry out qualitative research in emerging areas. Students are provided with the best research infrastructure consisting of high-end equipment and resources to give support to the projects and assessments.


International Journals


Projects Funded


Research Programmes

Due to the strong focus on quality research, the University has many papers published in different peer-reviewed journals of national and international importance. Along with research papers, the University also extends support to the faculty for filing patents, making arrangements for meetings and more. Since its establishment, several patents by the University faculty have been published or granted at international and national levels.

The University offers opportunities to work on collaborative projects with various international universities, research organizations and renowned industries. Many research projects are also undertaken annually with the help of funding from reputed external agencies. The faculty are also provided with the opportunity to take on consultancy services from the government and private sectors.


One of the best facilities provided by the University is the organized Research Committee that strives to provide the best environment for the conduct of research. The committee is an essential part of the system as they provide a standardized and disciplined flow to the research process.