Payment Procedure

At Bharati Vidyapeeth, we ensure that students go through zero hassle for making fee payments. With this outlook, we have introduced a seamless fee submission portal helping students to make their payments with ease.

The students can access the portal at their convenience, submit their fees and access the receipts right away.

You can now visit to pay your fees online.

Steps for Online Payment


01 College Fees

  • Click on "College Fees" which will open college fees collection help on the same page.
  • Then click on "Go" to proceed with the college fees.

02 Personal Information

  • A window of fees collection portal will be opened. First you need to enter your personal information.
  • Give your PR Number provided by the college. Full name shall be same as you wish to have on your receipts and records.
  • Give your email ID and mobile number which is active where you can receive the receipts of payments.
  • Give your permanent residential address and select nationality from drop down list.
  • Once form is filled click on next to proceed further.

03 College Information

  • Next window will enable you to select your college from drop down menu
  • Once college is selected, all faculties from the college will be available to choose. Select yours and click on next.

04 Payment

  • Payment window will be opened where you need to give details of your study year and semester for which you wish to pay the fees.
  • Once these details are mentioned, select the type of fees you are paying such as Tuition fees, Exam fees, term fees etc. and specify the amount to be paid. Click on next to proceed further.

05 Payment Mode (Last Step)

  • This is the last step of payment where you will be asked to select the payment mode by which you wish to pay the fees. Select mode and agree to terms and conditions to finish the process. According to the payment mode selected by you, you will be diverted to the secured payment gateway where you can enter your details and make the payment.

06 Receipt of Fees

  • Once you have paid the fees you will be confirmed online that the fees are paid successfully and receipt will be generated.
  • At the same time, confirmation SMS will be received on your registered mobile number for the fees payment. A copy of receipt will also be delivered to your registered email ID for your records.

07 View Payment History

  • You can view your payment history and download the old receipts anytime. Enter your personal details with PR Number and click on "View Payment History" to view and download the receipts on your own. Otherwise you can always compile them from your email ID where one copy is always sent for your records on successful payments.