Ruchita Killedar
Dr. Ruchita KilledarAssociate Professor

School of Physiotherapy, Pune

S.No Course Year Course Year College/University
1 Masters in Cardiovascular and Respiratory Physiotherapy 2017 SKN College of Physiotherapy, Pune
2 Bachelor of Physiotherapy from PT School and Centre 2014 Government Medical College Nagpur
S.No Desigination Year College/University
3 Assistant Professor 2017-2021 LSFPEF College of Physiotherapy, Nigdi, Pune
2 Clinical Physiotherapist 2014-2017 Breath Easy Pulmonary rehabilitation Center

Achievements/ Conferences Attended

  • Second Prize at Scientifica 2017 Scientific Paper Presentation PG category
  • Rehab e- CON 2021
  • SIP e-CON 2021
  • Scientifica 2021
  • Kinesiocon 2021
  • Scientifica 2017
  • Exrcise as Medicine-Manipal 2015
  • National Research Conference of Physiotherapy Teachers 2020
  • Basic workshop in “Health Science Education Technology”, February 2018
    • Basic workshop in Research Methodology (MUHS approved), January 2015


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