Annual Art Exhibition - Aakarah 2022-23
BVDU School of Visual Arts College (SoVA) focuses on nurturing and showcasing creative talents. Our best practice is the Annual Art exhibition which is a highly anticipated event that highlights the students' works throughout the academic year.

Over the years our Annual Art Exhibition has proved to be yet another extraordinary achievement that showcases artistic excellence, featuring a diverse range of mediums, styles, and concepts.

Students pushed the boundaries of traditional art forms by creating immersive mixed-media installations. SoVA's students exhibit their talents through a diverse range of works from basics of designs to problem-solving design solutions. Those are like learning fundamentals of design, layouts, alignments, color palettes, media studies, visualization, editorial illustrations to book covers, branding and advertising campaigns. Our students showcase their ability to communicate complex ideas through visually compelling and aesthetically pleasing designs.

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Annual Art Exhibition - Elemento 2019 - 20

Annual Art Exhibition - Elemento 2019 - 20