As per Price Water house Coopers 'Healthcare in India: Emerging market report', the revenues from the healthcare sector account for 5.2 per cent of the GDP, making it the third-largest growth segment in India. Therefore, India is also eyeing the global healthcare market to emerge as one of the possible destinations for international patients.
However, India needs over 65 lakhs allied health professionals to bridge a whopping 95% gap in the number of allied health workers that are needed to serve the population and to add 2 million beds to the existing 1.1 million by 2027 and requires immediate investments of US$ 82 billion. Due to the explosion of technology, managers are now required to have new skill sets that are accompanied by the knowledge of traditional healthcare organizations. Until recently, doctors & allied health professionals without any formal professional training in the domain were supervising and governing the hospitals and health care systems.
The institutes and the government have felt the need for development of allied health professionals & hospital & healthcare managers specifically trained to work in diverse cadres, organizations & departments in hospitals and healthcare sectors. However, there is a wide gap between supply and demand for trained allied health professional & healthcare managers in these sectors. Hence, the requirement for programs & courses in Hospital and Health Care Administration has now become a priority.
The School for Skill Development & Allied Health Sciences offers educational programs in the areas of allied health sciences, Hospital and Health Care Administration. The aim of the school is to develop as a school of excellence in skill development, hospital & healthcare management & allied health sciences through quality education, research and consultancy. Through the programs, the students will be able to have a definite career path in areas of the allied health domain and Hospital & Health Care administration.