About Department

The Department of Periodontics deals with different types of gum surgeries, correction and enhancement of soft tissue esthetics of the patient, implants and use of advanced surgical equipment including LASERS and Piezosurgery. The undergraduate students of this department are trained in diagnosing periodontal diseases and providing the first line of treatment.

The postgraduate students and the staff perform advanced cases such as implants and soft tissue surgeries. The faculty is actively involved in organizing various workshops and hands-on courses for graduates and postgraduates at the State and National level conferences.

The department has separate well-equipped undergraduate and postgraduate training sections with more than 50 modern electrically operated dental chairs. Additional facilities in the department include advanced surgical equipment like piezoelectric surgical unit, implant and sinus lift kits, diode laser, radiovisiography (RVG) machine and centrifuge machine to procure PRF.