Computer Science and Engineering

About Department

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering has started functioning since the establishment of the college. The department endeavors to impart quality education to students in the areas of computer science and engineering and information technology.

It offers four year B.Tech. degree with intake of 60 per year. The department has well qualified and motivated faculty members and support staff. The laboratories are adequately equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. The department is actively involved in Research and Development (R & D) as well as consultancy projects and has collaborations with several industries, academic institutes and R&D organizations in the country. Department has departmental library in addition to the central library and the server is maintained by the department for E-learning. Under the NPTEL Local Chapter, students enroll for the various skillful online courses apart from the academics. Students of the department involves actively in various other activity such as workshops, seminar, sports, cultural, social. Many students have got scholarship award for their works from various Companies and Govt. Organization.

Future Scope of Placement and Jobs in Computer Engineering

Govt. and Private business and organizations are going digital, the IT sector today is a booming field as compared to other sectors and there is a huge demand of Computer Science Engineers, programmers, Security Analyst, Database Developer, UX Designer, Data Analyst, Data Architect, Information Security Analyst, Application Developer and so on. The demand is so high that IT companies recruit engineers not only from the Computer Science and IT branch but also from other branches like Electrical, Electronics, and Mechanical. However, engineers who have pursued Computer Science and Engineering will have an edge over engineers from other streams because of the knowledge and skills they gather in college. There is a huge scope of placements in Computer Science and IT. In fact, it has taken the top position in placements as compared to the other fields.

Our Vision

To be focused on innovative and quality education in computer science and engineering that prepares professionals for development of society.

Our Mission

  • To provide academic environment for the development of skilled professionals.
  • To cultivate research culture that contributes to the sustainable development of the society.
  • To enhance academic and industry collaborations for global exposure.

Research Areas and Facilities

The department has good laboratory facilities with adequate number of desktops. Different types of servers like IBM, Dell, etc. are installed in the laboratories. The laboratories are open round the clock and are operated and managed by the students themselves under the guidance of faculty and staff. The students also get access to laser and ink-jet printers. For research work, the department regularly procures specialized hardware and software packages as required for the specific research project.


The high Speed Wi-Fi is made available to the students in the department. Department focuses on the various demanding areas of the computer science and information technology as per the industry need apart from regular academics. The major focused areas are:

  • Computer Networks
  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Science
  • Internet of things
  • Cyber Security
  • Big data analytics
  • Python Programming
  • R-Programming
  • Social Media Marketing
  • High Performance Computing

Course Outcome

  • Understand fundamentals of data visualization concepts.
  • Understand and Apply data visualization stages on chosen data.
  • Develop a toolkit for exploring and communicating complex data using visualization.
  • Describe how effectively a visualization conveys target data.
  • Understand data customization parameters in Tableau.
  • Design various Virtual Reality Applications.

  • Understand fundamental Computer Vision, Computer Graphics and Human-Computer Interaction Techniques related to VR/AR systems.
  • Understand Geometric Modeling Techniques.
  • Understand the Virtual Environment.
  • Analyze and Evaluate VR/AR Technologies.
  • Apply various types of Hardware and Software in Virtual Reality.
  • Design and Formulate Virtual/Augmented Reality Applications.

  • To understand the mechanism of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.
  • To understand the functionality of current implementation of blockchain technology.
  • To understand the required cryptographic background.
  • To explore the applications of Blockchain to cryptocurrencies and understanding limitations of current Blockchain.
  • An exposure towards recent research.

  • To explain the digital image processing and digital image formation.
  • To illustrate different mathematical preliminaries to deal with digital image processing.
  • To apply the concept of pattern recognition and its different phases.
  • To develop understanding of models, paradigms and context of interactions.
  • To apply knowledge/ skills for solving real world problems.
  • To learn about applications of pattern recognition.

  • Understand The Concepts Related to Java Technology.
  • Explore And Understand Use of Java Server Programming.
  • Manipulate Window Interfaces Using Swing Objects.
  • Understand The Concepts of Hypertext Markup Language.
  • Implement Web Based Applications Using Features of HTML And XML.
  • To learn about applications of pattern recognition.

  • Understand how to solve the problem.
  • Demonstrate the ability to synthesize complex information from a variety of sources in decision-making.
  • Plan and perform collaboratively towards a common purpose.
  • Demonstrate self-advocacy skills and self-reliant behaviour.
  • Demonstrate the ability to develop and maintain satisfying interpersonal. relationships.
  • Evaluate and conclude the results with documentation.