Institution Industry Cell (IIC)

The institution industry Cell established under the industry institute interaction scheme of the ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India with sole aim to understand industrial requirements of the region and acts as bridge between academia and industry. The cell has so far conducted Business Plan Competition since its inception to cultivate entrepreneurship skills among students.


The cell is established with the following major objectives

  • To evolve educational programmes which are consistent with the board requirements of the industry and which can give rise to engineering personnel capable of coping-up with the accelerating pace of technological development.
  • To create adequate facilities of updating knowledge of professional managers and executives/ technologists to meet growth and development needs of the industry.
  • Preparing/ updating the comprehensive directory of managerial and entrepreneurial experts in different fields of the expertise and know-how and forging continuing links with them through various means of involvement like talks, guest lectures, research collaborations, student project guidance, seminars etc.

List of Members in Institution Industry Cell : 15/07/2021

Dr. Kamal Mehat


Dr. Shabir Ali


Dr. Gayatri Hegde


Prof. Preeti Jog


Prof. Pooja Jadhav


Exchange of Experts Between the Institute and Industry

  • Involvement of Teaching Staff in Industry
  • Institute to gain Confidence of Industry
  • Institute as a Consultant in R&D
  • Technological Education Programme
  • Establishment of Linkages