Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Social Transformation through Dynamic Education

Our Mission
  • To offer an academically rigorous, practice and research oriented, management and information technology education based on ethical values, ever-changing needs of the industry, profession and society in the national and international perspective.
  • To provide a thought-provoking learning environment which fosters the understanding of technological developments, and encourage innovation and learning, inquisitiveness and interdisciplinary research.
  • To promote practice of collaborations and work related learning experience which focuses on the application of knowledge and skills, hones entrepreneurial acumen and with concurrent relevance to the local and global perspective.
  • To develop innovative pedagogy and promote extensive use of ICT for not only enriching the teaching-learning processes but also augmenting effective governance.
  • To develop network and meet the expectations of various stakeholders like industry, other academic and research institutions, alumni, students, parents, local community and society at large.