BVDU family leaves no stone unturned to make your years as a BVDU student some of the best in your life.

Career Enhancement initiatives is another major aspect of BVDU, and they run various programs under it throughout the year.


Career Enhancement Initiatives

BVDU has a multi-layered approach towards enhancing abilities of students in terms of skills and career.

Centre for Professional Enhancement provide students with multiple platforms at the level of departments and schools.

Legal Aid Centres

We have developed an internal Legal Aid Center for the students to educate and update them, regularly, on the lines of national as well as local laws.

It also addresses learners’ grievances on campus. Students’ groups organize Community Awareness events to inform the students about laws for women safety, Human Rights, and Child Labour.


Food Testing Lab

This lab ensures high-quality food and the protection of public health. It also undertakes accurate chemical tests of pharmaceutical products and water to detect hazardous elements in them.


Public Testing Laboratory

Public Testing Laboratory is an in house testing unit approved by FDA, state of Maharashtra. The goal of PTL is to provide service to the industries in chemical & instrumental analysis and microbial testing.

Camps & Other Students’ Programs

Various programs and Health Camps are conducted and performed under respective constituent units to induce interactions for various causes.

IRSHA Blood Donation Camp


Fiestas and Talents

BVDU ensures to nurture passions and moral values in the students that extend beyond the academic lines. Annual Thematic Fests are organized for showcasing students’ talents.

Competitive events for dancing, singing, and Yoga are planned every year to foster the importance of extra-curricular activities in learners. Besides, teachers participate in these occasions along with students to keep them motivated and to feed the enthusiasm of cooperation.

Student Clubs

BVDU is committed to grooming students for their holistic personality development.

It has various student clubs dedicated to developing various skills of the students.