The Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed to be University provides students with a multi-layered approach to improve both skills and careers. The Centre for Professional Enhancement provides students with numerous platforms at the level of departments and schools.

Students’ capabilities are improved by career enhancement initiatives by creating awareness and motivating them to acquire add-on skills other than their subject area.

We aim to provide best in class training to students so that we can become a preferred partner for employers looking for top talent worldwide.

Creating high-quality learning platforms that enables students to develop skills and competencies and ultimately enable them to grow holistically, is our mission.

To achieve the above referred goals following initiatives are undertaken:

Personal Counselling

  • The University has a multi-layered approach to answer the students’ queries regarding the academic and non-academic matters. In case, a student encounters a problem, he/she approaches Constituent Units Academy Counselors/HOD/COD/HOS at the Institute level.
  • The University follows a proper hierarchy in addressing the queries of the students while maintain the accountability of the highest order. In case, the queries raised by the students are not resolved at the Institute level, then it is escalated to the next level for redressal.

Career Counselling

  • Career counselling is included as an integral aspect of instruction at universities because it is a major source of anxiety for students who seek expert help and career counselling.
  • Trainings and workshops are organized by various constituent units of the University in collaboration with various industry/academia leaders to help provide a roadmap to aspiring new minds and to give them insights into the industry and academia.

Remedial Coaching

  • The University goes the extra mile by helping those students who have trouble in clearing their course, by conducting remedial classes before the regular exams and re-appear exams so that the students can clarify their doubts and take help of the subject teacher.
  • The main focus of these classes is to help students identify the study gaps and improve accordingly.
  • In addition to this, summer term classes and peer to peer learning sessions are organized to cater the needs of students.
  • Important inputs from a placement perspective are given to students before the start of the placement season to increase their changes of employability.

Guidance for Competitive Exam

  • BVDU has been working hard to prepare students for competitive tests at the national and state levels, as well as for admission to undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral, and other professional programmes.
  • Experts offer unique coaching lectures, seminars, and counselling sessions on a monthly basis to achieve the same. Credited and non-credited inputs make up the majority of these inputs.
  • Additionally, internal sessions with the Head of School and specialists from reputable schools are held to encourage students to take the test and to help hopefuls resolve their doubts.
  • In order to improve placements, inputs are tailored to the individual needs of each company.

Soft Skills Development

  • In the University, credited and non-credited inputs of soft skills are taught to improve interpersonal skills and enhance placement ability.
  • The credit input modules emphasize a wide range of skills including attitude reconstruction, aspiration building, presentation skills, group discussion, interview skills, digital presentations, critical thinking and stress management.
  • The non-credited inputs include events, workshops and skill building sessions.
  • Additionally, the students are exposed to mock interviews, weekend engagement sessions focused on soft skills, as well as experiential learning.