Since its establishment, the Homeopathic Medical College has actively identified the importance of research and aimed to improve the research-related activities within the campus. Through the Research Cell, the Homeopathic Medical College aims to inculcate research culture in the students and encourage novel thinking. The students will also be able to access great opportunities to participate in research activities at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Some of the highlights of the research activities in the Homeopathic Medical College are listed below.

  • The college organizes an annual research conclave to guide the students and faculty in their research activities.
  • Both the students and faculty are actively working on and publishing research papers. The college also encourages faculty members to attend various research seminars and workshops.
  • The college has constituted the Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC).
  • In 2021-21, the college had 29 publications on the UGC care list.
  • To date, research on the role of Homoeopathy in Cancer, Obesity, Fractures, Acid-peptic disease, Dysfunctional uterine bleeding, etc., has been accomplished.
  • The college utilizes around 1.5% of the annual budget for activities related to research.
  • In 2020-21, three students were awarded scholarships under the STSH program of CCRH, New Delhi.
  • In 2020-21 World Homoeopathy Day, a P.G. scholar was awarded Best Dissertation by CCRH.
  • The University provides grants (seed money) of Rs. 50,000 for an individual research project.
  • The college invites research proposals from the faculty as and when there is an invitation from the University or AYUSH.
  • There is a provision of an online database through INFLIBNET.
  • The college’s Central Library has 14 national and 8 international research journals.
  • The University has specialized research centres on campus to address the special challenges of research projects. For example, BV (DU) Interactive Research School for Health Affairs (IRSHA), Pune, BV (DU) Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Information Technology & Biotechnology (RGITBT), Pune, BV (DU) Research & Development Centre in Pharmaceutical Sciences & Applied Chemistry, Pune.
  • Under International collaborative search activity, a new research study entitled “Pilot study: Assessment of the efficacy of Homeopathic treatment in patients with elevated DASS 21 scores in a multi-centric randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study” has been started with GHF.

To encourage and promote research activities, the college has renewed MoUs with the following renowned institutes.

Sr. No. MoU signed with Name of the institution Year Duration Activities under MoU
1. CCRH Central Council of Research Homoeopathy, New Delhi, India 10 Apr-18 - 2021 3 years CCRH STSH Projects
2. WSI Willmar Schwabe India, New Delhi, India 3 April 2019- 2024 5 years Industrial Pharmacy Training programme for staff and students
3. IRSHA IRSHA, Pune, India 20 April 2021- 2026 5 years In-vitro Research activities to be taken and to have Research Paper publication in peer reviewed Journals with Impact factor
4. RGITBT RGITBT,  Pune 20 April 2021- 2026 5 years In-vitro Research activities to be taken and to have Research Paper publication in peer reviewed Journals with Impact factor
5. Medisynth Medisynth Chem. Pvt. Ltd. 11 March 2021- 2026 5 years Research done by staff and Ph.D. students

Research Infrastructure

The college offers updated and well-equipped research infrastructure that the students who are interested in research and innovation can use to conduct research in their fields of interest. Students will be able to access research labs and various equipment that will help them in data collection and analysis.

Areas of Research

With the support of the college, faculty members and students have worked on many research projects and published them in different well-known journals. The list of the areas in which research has been done is ever-growing at the Homoeopathic Medical College.


The college is currently supporting various ongoing consultancy projects. These projects are a collaboration between a client organization and a chief consultant from the college faculty. Currently, the college has professional ties with many top organizations.

R&D Policies

R&D policies have been established by the college to promote research activities in the college. The policies help guide the departments in preparing reports for the research funding process and to bring out the best result.