Rahul Kaul
Dr. Rahul KaulAdjunct Faculty


CEO, Wildlife Trust of India, New Delhi

An expert of international repute on pheasants, Dr Rahul Kaul is the chief ecologist at WTI. More than 10 projects on diverse subjects including species surveys and ecology, species and habitat recovery as well as wildlife trade, run under his calm and effective guidance.

He has been the Regional Coordinator of the South Asia Field Office, World Pheasant Association, for 12 years. He has designed and conducted numerous general biodiversity surveys as well as species surveys in India as well as abroad. He has also been involved in biodiversity monitoring in Nepal, established monitoring protocols for galliform birds conservation in Sichuan district in China, and has also carried out surveys for the grey partridge in Southern Ireland, while working with The Game Conservation Trust, UK.

He is a member of several national and international animal welfare/conservation bodies including the Central Zoo Authority, Government of India, Pheasant Specialist Group, IUCN/SSG, Partridge quail and Francolin Specialist Group.