Student Activities & Clubs

Student Activities

Life at the institute is not merely about academics. Students get to enjoy themselves through various games, and activities like yoga and meditation. Also, various other activities are organized so that the students get to learn how to work in a team and develop leadership qualities.


Student Clubs

Personality & Entrepreneurship Development Club (PEDC)


Apart from academics, the focus of the institute is also on the overall personality development of the students. In order to enhance the personality of the individuals there is a Personality & Entrepreneurship Development Club (PEDC) which invite renowned industrialists. These industrialists interact with the students and play a pivotal role in guiding them and shaping their future.

The primary objective of the PEDC is to develop the personality of a student, inculcate soft skills, develop the skill to take decisions, communicate effectively, self-organization, motivate the team and lead from the front. For improving individual performance and personal productivity, the following methods and techniques have been employed:

  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Adventure Tour
  • Management Games
  • Thematic Appreciation Test

Student Clubs in Different Areas

Throughout the year the students are engaged in various activities of the academic clubs. A separate faculty is provided as chairman for each club and they are the ones who draw up strategies, are responsible for proper planning and provide guidance to the students so that the various clubs can function effectively. Some of the clubs are:

  • Literary Club
  • IT Club
  • Marketing Club
  • Finviz Club
  • Personality Development Club
  • HR Club
  • Trekking Club
  • Cultural Club
  • Success Story Club