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Programme Overview

Students who are interested in studying music, they can pursue M.A. Music which is of two years duration. During these two years, students will learn all about the history of music, its form, its origin and the kind of music that is practised in the present times. Also the students learn about the stage performance in these two years.

Programme Outcomes

  • icon Know about the Music History - Students will get to learn about the history of music of various time periods, styles and genres of western and non-western music.
  • icon Performance Pedagogy - Students will acquire knowledge pertaining to music pedagogy and this will comprise applicable literature, ability to diagnose the technical faults and correct music.
  • icon Aural and Visual Analysis - It is through aural and visual analysis that the students will be able to identify organizational patterns as well as musical elements.
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2 Years

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Career Prospects

In the present era, there are number of career opportunities which are available for the students who have completed their masters in Music. Some of the careers, which the students can look into are:

  • Performing Artist
  • Conductor in an orchestra
  • Music Producer
  • Sound Engineer
  • Radio Jockey
  • Music Professor
  • Music Journalist