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MD (Immuno-Hematology & Blood Transfusion)

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Programme Overview

M.D.  (Immuno-Hematology & Blood Transfusion) is a three-year postgraduate programme that deals with the study of antigen-antibody reactions and blood disorders. The programme will focus on incorporating elements of blood banking, immune-haematology, coagulation, and haematology and integrating them with science technology, medicine, public health administration and the community as a whole.

Programme Outcomes

  • icon Knowledge of Subject – At the end of M.D.  (Immuno-Hematology & Blood Transfusion), the students will be able to understand the scientific basis of blood transfusion, processes of blood transfusion and related concepts.
  • icon Training and Diagnosis – Students will be trained to explain and diagnose the effects of blood transfusion.
  • icon Research –The programme will allow the students to understand the research methodologies and learn the method to analyze the research literature.
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3 Years


Career Prospects

After graduation, the students will be able to venture out and build their careers according to their interests and specialization. Some of the popular job prospects for M.D.  (Biochemistry) are listed below:

  • Consultancy / Private Practice
  • Employment in a Medical college, hospital, research institute, healthcare organisations etc.