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M.Sc. (Medical Pharmacology)

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Programme Overview

M.Sc. (Medical Pharmacology) is a three-year postgraduate programme that aims to provide core knowledge about the principles and practice of Medical Pharmacology. Through the programme, the students will be able to study the essentials of drug discovery, researches aiming to understand the treatment procedures for human diseases and rehabilitation under the influence of drug/medicine.

Programme Outcomes

  • icon Core Knowledge - Students will understand the principles and practice of Medical Pharmacology to become competent specialists.
  • icon Experience and Skills - During the programme, the students will gain first-hand experience through training and will hone their skills to evaluate, plan and implement treatment to patients.
  • icon Research - Students will be able to critically analyze research literature so that they can work on their projects and contribute to the field of Medical Pharmacology.
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3 Years

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Career Prospects

M.Sc. (Medical Pharmacology) graduates will be eligible for various job profiles in the field. Some of the popular job prospects have been listed below.

  • Consultancy / Private Practice
  • Employment in a Medical college, hospital, research institute, healthcare organisations etc.