Technical Workshop On Android App Development

The commencement of the college annual fest Bharatiyam 2019 was marked with the inaugural ceremony of the events to be held on departmental level on 26 th and 27 th of March. The major events of the were Proyecto, Paper presentation, Hackthon, and technical workshop.

Department of E&TC, Electronics and Electrical organized two days Technical Workshop on of ANDROID APP DEVELOPMENT. As a part of its endeavour to improve the employability of students and give them hands on training in various technologies and one of them is ANDROID APP DEVELOPMENT. The guest of honour and chairperson for workshop was Prof. Dr. Rajesh B. Ghongade who quite thoroughly helped the students to Develop Android App Using Software ‘ANDROID SDK/ B4A’ Participants were thought about how to use , run the programme and develop app along with eight different illustrations including calculator, GPU model ,an android emulator etc.

A total of 47 participants were registered for workshop with a pre-requisite of knowledge of JAVA , Venue was Bharati Vidyapeeth Engineering College (Library building Computer Lab).

Here is content of workshop.

DAY 1- 26th March 19 DAY 2- 27th March 19
Session 1: (11 am- 1 pm) Session 1: (11 am- 1 pm)
INTRODUCTION TO APP DEVELOPMENT: - It includes the basics like different development tools and familiarity with the environment used for app development. Here Students have used B4A, which has all the features needed to quickly develop any type of Android app. Students have included about the programming language of B4A which is simple and straight forward.


Here students have covered about different components and features of B4A used for making a simple applicationwide have completed a simple example on addition of two numbers.
SOME MORE EXAMPLES: - covered some more examples in which Students were offering a choice to do some operations in which spinner is used as a view. ASSIGNMENTS: - Assignments have been given i.e

1. To draw concentric circles.

2. To select panel colour from drop down list

3. Unit convertor

Lunch Break: (1 pm – 2 pm) Lunch Break: (1 pm – 2 pm)
Session 2: (2 pm- 4 pm)

EXAMPLES: - In this more examples are covered in which different views are used like making of a simple calculator which can do addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and a message is displayed on the screen using Toastmessageshow function.

An example on graphics has taken in which panel is used as a view and we have displayed some pattern that can be cleared.

Session 2: (2 pm- 4 pm)

One example is covered in which spinner, select case statements and graphics all things are combinedly used.

An example on motion is covered in which toggle button is used as a toggle switch.