Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University is one of the top-ranking private universities in India that is another home for students. The residential buildings located amidst the lush green campuses spread over various locations provide students with a safe and comfortable accommodation like no other. Just a few steps away from the main academic building, the aesthetically designed hostels follow international norms and are in top shape. They have all the amenities to cater to the students’ needs. The residential facilities are managed by caring and efficient hostel wardens. They are friendly and approachable and are always there to help students. Hostel life at BVDU supports an interactive and supportive atmosphere.

The hostel premises are equipped with homey bedrooms, expansive libraries, and dining mess. Computer rooms with fast-speed internet are provided ensuring zero gaps in your education. The hostel underscores the value of extra-curricular endeavors along with academics. Owing to this vision, the student accommodation includes game rooms and gym facility. Along with that, maintenance of cleanliness and security of students is the utmost priority at the accommodation.The authorities of Bharati Vidyapeeth took a decision to construct an additional hostel with added amenities and convenience to cater to the ever increasing demand for hostel accommodation for the girl students.

Hostel Management

The Authorities of Hostels include Chief Warden and Wardens of different Hostels. Their job profile is to maintain discipline in the Hostels, to look after the wellbeing of Hostelites, to settle their grievances etc. The decisions taken by the Hostel Authorities need to be obeyed by the Hostelites.

Vibrant Community

As students from different parts of India and the world come to study here, we ensure that they experience the best residential life here away from home. The diverse culture of our university gives hostlers the opportunity to mingle with like-minded students from varied backgrounds. We have separate blocks for both girls and boys on all our campuses. 


Safety and Security

The security of our hostlers is our top priority. So, we go the extra mile to make our students feel as safe as possible during their stay in our university hostels. We have brought all the common areas of our hostels under CCTV surveillance to increase security. We have also deployed trained security guards to ensure the safety of students. 

The Hostel management take utmost care for the security and safety of the Hostelites in the Hostel and college premises. The Hostelites are also advised to take adequate care of their own safety themselves when they are off from Hostel and College premises.

Amenities for Students

All hostel premises are incorporated with outstanding amenities to feed a collaborative and reassuring environment for students. It includes -


All our hostels across 8 campuses provide 24x7 free Wi-Fi and internet facilities.

Power Back-Up

Our hostels are equipped with automatic power generators to provide power backup 24x7.

Power and Water Supply

There is 24x7 power and water supply in all the hostels across all the campuses. Our hostels in New Delhi campus are equipped with Solar systems for hot water (Monday to Saturday - 6.30 am to 11.00 am, Sunday - 8.00 am to 1.00 pm) Evening - 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm all days during winter seasons.



Each hostel has spacious dining halls with separate kitchens for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food so that students get a wide array of cuisines and is served healthy and tasty food under hygienic conditions.


Well-furnished Rooms

Our hostel rooms are well-ventilated and fully furnished with comfortable beds, cupboards, study tables, chairs, ceiling fans, lights, and air-conditioners to give homely vibes. 


Laundry Service

Our hostels provide laundry and dry-cleaning service at a nominal fee to make students’ life easy and comfortable.


Pharmacy & Sick Rooms

We have set up pharmacies and Sick Room in all our hostels to cater to the medical needs of our students, which run 24x7.

CCTV Cameras

CCTC Cameras are installed on each floors and common areas of all the hostels for better security.


For authorized visitors, hostels have a separate visiting lounge.


Ample parking spaces are there for 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers.


Gymnasium Halls

We have state-of-the-art gymnasiums with the latest fitness equipment such as treadmills, cross-trainers, exercise bikes, and more. 


General Stores

Around the hostels, we have general stores to provide all kind of other amenities to students which are needed.

More Important

Ragging is strictly prohibited under “Maharashtra Prohibition of Raging Act, 1999”. Ragging in any form including “display of disorderly conduct, doing of any act which causes or is likely to cause physical or psychological harm or raise apprehension of fear or shame or embarrassment to a student” is strictly prohibited inside and outside any educational Institution.

Ragging includes:
  • Teasing, abusing, threatening or playing practical jokes or causing hurt to such student
  • Asking student to do any act or perform something which such student will not do in the ordinary run
  • Whoever directly or indirectly commits, participates in, abets or propagates ragging within or outside the Hostel and College premises shall on conviction, be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years and also shall be liable to a fine extended to ten thousand rupees.
  • The decision of the Head of educational Institution that the student has indulged in ragging under sub section (i) of the said act shall be final
  • The Hostelite and her parents will have to sign an affidavit assuring compliance with the provisions in this “ACT”

Cleanliness & Maintenance

As hygiene is an important factor, we ensure proper maintenance of the hostel rooms, toilets, corridors, and mess. Regular cleaning of the hostel premises is taken care of. 

Amidst the pandemic, BVDU has taken strict steps to ensure safe and sanitized ambiance at campus. Consequently-

  • Students are prompted to wear face masks.
  • In case of cold or flu, students are advised to stay at home and get RT-PCR done. Residents can contact healthcare center for pursuing safety measures.
  • Mass assembly is restricted. In case of special celebrations, adherence to official guidelines will be followed.
  • Students are advised to keep hand sanitizers handy. Wash your hands repetitively.