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Food Testing Lab (Pharmacy)

Ensuring high-quality food products and safety

Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University has a very sophisticated food testing lab called Centre for Food Testing, which provides quality analytical services to Indian food industries. It is dedicated to determining whether or not a food product contains any contaminant like salmonella, metals, e-Coli bacteria, additives, preservatives, cleaning agents, etc. that can be hazardous to health.

This lab ensures high-quality food and the protection of public health. It also undertakes accurate chemical tests of pharmaceutical products and water to detect hazardous elements in them. It uses advanced methods and tools to perform food testing. After giving an authenticity check, it provides accurate information about the quality and nutritional value of food to ensure the safety of the food consumed. 



The state-of-the-art infrastructure of the food testing lab is equipped with all the latest equipment and instruments. The lab has competent manpower. They apply the latest scientific and technical knowledge to the food testing process to get quick, accurate, and reliable analytical results. The testing methods that they follow in chemical and biological testing of food products to achieve food safety goals are of national and international standards.

Since 2014, the lab has been providing services to farmers and exporters to check the quality of fresh fruits and vegetables for export purposes. It also focuses on method development and validation for pharmaceutical drugs. 

The Quality Norms and Protocols followed

Our food testing lab has cutting-edge facilities for the analysis of various kinds of food products and materials with a vast database of test specifications derived from:

  • AOAC
    Association of Official Analytical Chemist
  • AOCS
    American Oil Chemist Society
  • ISO
    International Organization for Standardization
  • ASTA
    American Society of Travel Agents
    United States Environmental Protection Agency
  • IP, BP, USP
    Indian Pharmacopoeia, British Pharmacopoeia, and United State Pharmacopoeia
  • BIS
    Bureau of Indian Standards

Advanced Equipment used for Food Testing

The various high-end equipment used to perform food testing in our lab are:

  • LC-MS/MS-Triple Quadrupole
  • GC-MS/MS-Triple Quadrupole
  • ICP-MS
  • GC-FID
  • HPLC-UV/Vis.
  • FT-IR and UV/Vis. Spectrophotometer

The Different Categories of Food Products Analysed

Our food testing lab performs rigorous testing of the following products:

  • Fresh and Processed Fruits and Vegetables
  • Vegetable Oils and Fats
  • Water – Raw, Processed, Drinking, Packaged, and Mineral
  • Fatty Acid Profile

Legal Aid Centres

We have developed an internal Legal Aid Center for the students to educate and update them, regularly, on the lines of national as well as local laws. It also addresses learners’ grievances on campus. Students’ groups organize Community Awareness events to inform the students about laws for women safety, Human Rights, and Child Labour.


Fiestas and Talents

BVDU ensures to nurture passions and moral values in the students that extend beyond the academic lines. Annual Thematic Fests are organized for showcasing students’ talents. Competitive events for dancing, singing, and Yoga are planned every year to foster the importance of extra-curricular activities in learners. Besides, teachers participate in these occasions along with students to keep them motivated and to feed the enthusiasm of cooperation.

Camps & Other Students’ Programs

Various programs and Health Camps are conducted and performed under respective constituent units to induce interactions for various causes. These camps and programs are planned on varied outlines, such as:

  • Health Camps for Flood Affected People
  • Blood Donation Drives
  • POSHAN Abhiyaan
  • Swachh Bharat Mission
  • Tree Plantation Drive
  • Oral and General Health Check-ups
  • Female Care on International Women’s Day
  • Rotary Activities
  • Anti-Ragging Workshops
  • Other various activities.

BVDU organized such events with the support of students and faculties at campus. The university focuses on an approach of progressive learning that demands to incorporate the significance of being responsible toward society among learners.