Academic Research

Why Academic Research is important?

  • Academic Research Facilitates learning
  • Research highlights the Issues
  • Research helps in growth of business
  • Research leads to personal growth of students

Academic Research Facilitates learning

  • It is the best tool to develop or enhance knowledge and to facilitate learning.
  • Academic research conducted by students is important not just for students only, rather for the entire scholastic world.
  • Knowledge is associated with research objectives and findings. Arguments framed by the researcher in the academic paper provides a pathway to the mind of the scholar.
  • Research allows comprehending specific issues through varied angles that were never identified or talked much.
  • While conducting the research, a scholar goes beyond the personal experience and collect the evidence on the basis of facts and rationality.
  • That is how academic research papers open the gates for further discourse and discussions.

Research helps in the growth of a business

  • Different business industries such as retail, healthcare, agriculture, Pharmaceuticals, constructions, robotics, aerospace, aviation, have Research and development centres in order to bring product innovation and improve the products.
  • Market Research can help any organization to see the ongoing trends and work accordingly.
  • In the field of business, research plays a crucial role.
  • They do a market analysis and understand the demands of society.
  • Based on their research, they manufacture the products as per the demands.
  • Similar research can be done in real estate, materials and construction technologies

Academic research leads to the personal growth of students

  • Academic research helps students in their personal growth as well. Research helps in the development of skills.
  • Students learn how to identify a problem and reach a possible solution or develop a point of view on a specific topic. Students develop the following skills through academic research:
  • Analytical skills by analyzing a large piece of data.
  • They learn how to put up questions.
  • Students form focus by putting complete attention on key issues.
  • By creating an academic research paper, students learn to organize their ideas.
  • They perceive things from different points of view and have a wider mindset.

According to AIA, there are three scales at which architectural research can affect and be relevant:

  • Individual/human scale: architecture revolves around human factors so understanding who we are designing for needs thorough research. Grasping Human behaviour, by analyzing how architecture impact lives and how the user response to design can improve human performance. Occupants’ safety in the premises, the need to protect the physical and mental health status.
  • Building scale:building consumes large sums of resources and energies, researching on building performance and how it impacts surrounding environment. Conducting a fair study on technology trends used in the design and also the impact of materials on the occupants.
  • Community-scale:Architecture shapes the society we live in. The role of architects and their interventions can help address societal issues. Research on the culture and background of the places can help in building a better environment. Study at these levels enhances the performance of the built structure as well as the user.

Need of research in various fields of Architecture

  • Architecture as a preferred career option can be exercised by students because India, with growing population and growing urbanisation, is required to create on annual basis building footprints amounting to 700-900 million square meters.
  • Accordingly, with urban population becoming 800 million by 2050,there will be large enough employment/business opportunities for Architects in both building sector and urban sector in years to come.
  • With Government of India launching missions/schemes like Prime Minister Awas Yojna, Smart Cities, AMRUT, RU-Urban, NULM, HRIDAY involving investments running into billions , surely will create enough job opportunities for budding architects.
  • With sustainability, quality and energy becoming focus, Architects will be in greater demand in the building sector. Changing typologies, context and large footprints of buildings are also calling for the services to architects to meet the emerging needs of institutions, business and industry.

Formation of clubs

  • Incubation
  • Research
  • Consultancy
  • Innovation
  • Extension Activities