Alumni connect

Astitwa Alumni Foundation

Committee Members

  • Dr. Mrs. Nilima Rajan Bhore (Presedent)
  • Mrs. Archana Rohit Dhanawade (Vice Presedent)
  • Mr. Vishal Krishnaji Ghorpade (Secretory)
  • Mrs. Sudaivi Prabhakar Kadam (Tresurer)
  • Mrs. Swati Chandrahas Kurne (Member)
  • Mrs. Nirmala Ashish Londhe (Member)
  • Mr. Sachin Sarjerao Sakate (Member)
  • Mr. Narendra Datatray Bhandari (Member)

Functions Of Astitwa Alumni

  • Conduct annual reunion at parent institution.
  • Register new members.
  • Maintain communication with new members.
  • Organizes social events.
  • Publish newsletter, magazines.
  • Fund raising for organization.
  • Advising and solving problems of outgoing students
  • Provision of various benefits to organization.

Astitwa Alumini Objectives

  • To conduct annual reunion at parent institution.
  • To conduct education program during reunion
  • To maintain communication with members.
  • To provide scholarships for education.
  • To conduct need based transcultural research by members.
  • To maintain annual/life membership of the association.

Patient Safety Champion Award

Mr. Sachin Awale Alumini of our institute is working as registered nurse in Lifecare Hospital Baniyas, Abu Dhabi. Regional quality team of the hospital had organized various events to mark international patient safety day which is celebrated on 17th September. A surprise audit was conducted by the regional quality team and they selected all recent joiners and questioned about patient’s safety. Mr.Sachin Awale was the only registered nurse to answer all questions and was awarded with patient safety champion award.