Academic Facilities

The College’s infrastructure is at par with the best institutes across the country. From classrooms, to sports facilities, library, laboratories, seminar halls, the institute takes pride in its state of art facility
The academic facilities at Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University) College of Nursing, Sangli are:
  • Excellent infrastructure
  • Wi-Fi and LAN facility in classroom.
  • Fully equipped laboratories.
  • 950 bedded parent Hospital for clinical experience.
  • Own Urban & Rural health centres for community health Nursing Experience.
  • Tutorials, Guidance and Counselling for slow learners.
  • Well qualified and experienced teaching faculty.
  • Separate projectors for every classroom.
  • Digital and central Library
  • Affiliated Hospitals for speciality clinical experience.
  • Affiliated Urban & Rural health centres for community health Nursing Experience.


The classrooms at the institute have world class infrastructure. All possible steps are taken to ensure that the students do not face any problem while attending the lectures.

There is arrangement for white boards as well as projectors. There is enough space for all the students to sit comfortably.


The laboratories at the nursing institute are well equipped with all the latest equipment and models. All possible steps are taken to ensure that the students do not face any problem while doing practical or working on any research projects.


Clinical Experience

The college has 950 beds parent hospital and it is here that patients ailing from different illness and at various stages are admitted. Students get first hand clinical experience as they examine these patients. The OPDs as well as the wards have all the latest facilities comprising equipment as well as basic life support and resuscitation.

There is also a 24 hours emergency casualty services that is provided at the hospital. The ratio of faculty to the students to train and provide the right guidance to the students is 1:10.

Auditorium Conference & Seminar Halls

It is essential to keep the students abreast with the latest knowledge in the field of nursing, hence conferences and workshops are organised at the auditoriums which have a huge seating capacity. There are also projectors and mics for the speakers and the seats are also comfortable for the audience.



The library at the institute is a hub of knowledge. Here, people get the latest books and journals related to nursing. The library has an excellent ambience, thereby making it a favourite place for the students to study intensively and enhance their knowledge. Also the students get to read national as well as international journals, thereby broadening their perspective as well. The library takes pride in having subscriptions of Indian as well as foreign journals. There are separate as well as spacious reading rooms for the teachers as well as the students. Here, the students can study throughout the day without being disturbed.

Reading Hall 

Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed to be University Medical College, Pune has established a Rural Health Training Centre (RHTC) at village Lavale, Taluka Mulshi, District Pune. The centre is under the administrative control of the Principal, Bharati Vidyapeeth University Medical College, Pune. It started functioning from 14th March 2008. RHTC Lavale is 26 kms. from the Medical College, and caters to approximately 49414 population spread over in 13 villages for primary health care services. The centre has been established with a view of developing it into a model “Rural Field Practice Demonstration Area” for training of undergraduate and postgraduate medical students including medical interns. The state of the art building consists of three floors with built-up area of 2482 Sq. meters.

Facilities that are available 
  • Open access for Students & Staff. 
  • Online public Access catalogue.
  • Information Retrieval lab ( Internet ) Facility to all readers.
Library Hours
  • 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Monday to Saturday 
  • On National holidays Library is closed.
Infrastructure and other details of the library
  • Total area of library 550 (sq.mtrs.) 
  • Reading Hall (U.G) 202 (sq.mtrs.)
  • Library & Reading Hall Staff & P.G. 309 (sq.mtrs.)
  • Total No. of readers -470/510
  • Total No. of Books- 9452
  • Total No. of Title -1014
  • Current No. of Journals 30( International ), 20 ( National ), 05 ( Magazines ) and online journals and E-books-84
  • Seating Capacity of the library 30 ( Staff ), 100 ( Students )
  • Personal computers with internet connectivity 05 
  • CD + DVDs 125
General Rules
  • College Identity Card & library Identity Card is a must. 
  • All users should enter their name and sign in the Library Reading Hall register on arrival and departure. 
  • Group discussion is not allowed. 
  • Seating arrangement should not be disturbed.
  • Damage to the library property is punishable. 
  • Mobiles and other electronic devices are strictly banned. 
  • Outsiders are not permitted. 
  • Eating inside the library is strictly prohibited. 
  • Under no circumstances any indiscipline noise or other disturbances will be allowed. 
  • Strict disciplinary action will be taken on violation of these rules.
Rules for Home Issue
  • First year students should submit three copies of photographs within 15 days from date of commencement of academic session. 
  • Identity card and borrower ticket should be renewed every year. 
  • Books will not be issued on others card. 
  • Books are an important learning resource & should be handled with utmost care.  
  • Borrower should not write anything or underline in the book & should not fold or tear pages.
Eligibility for Books Issue:-
Sr. No. Borrower No. of Books Duration 
1 1st Year B.Sc. 2 One Week 
2 2nd Year B.Sc. 2 One Week 
3 3rd Year B.Sc. 2 One Week 
4 4th Year B.Sc. 2 One Week 
5 1st Year B.Sc. 2 One Week 
6 2nd Year. P.B.B.Sc. 2 One Week 
7 Teaching Staff 5 Two Week 
  • If books are not returned within the prescribed time limit (7 Days) a fine of Rs. 1/- per day book will be charged as a late fee.
  • In case of loss of book by a borrower he/she is required to replace the same with a new copy within one month or a penalty of one and half times the book cost will be recovered. Borrower cards shall be withheld till penalty is paid or book replaced. 
  • Reference books, journals, periodicals & question papers file are not for home issue. 
  • The library membership will be cancelled if a borrower does not abide by the rules of the library. 
  • For reading or refer book in reading room, library I-card must be essential. 
  • Books for taking home will be issued only on a borrow card.