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Report on World AIDS Day celebration

International Day for Persons with Disability: Report on ‘Clinics Day’

On the occasion of 3rd December, International Day for Persons with Disability School of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology organized programs to promote a sense of inclusivity and celebrate the diversity with focus on the 'Ability' and not on the 'disability'. This event was graced by the presence of Honorable Vahini Saheb and Ms. Gauri Deshpande, alumna of the institute and Actress of the acclaimed Marathi movie ‘Shaamchi Aai’. During this program, the remarkable progress of young children with special needs and older adults with disabilities was celebrated. The highlights of the program were the heart-warming performances presented by children with special needs. The children performed beautifully in a skit, dances, and an enthralling Casio performance. Noteworthy is the transformation of these performing children with regular therapy and dedicated parental support