Vision, Mission & Objectives


To be a World Class University for Social Transformation Through Dynamic Education.


  • To provide borderless access to higher education in Homoeopathy. To offer varied professional courses to meet the changing and diverse needs of society in a global context. To provide quality higher education for liberation of mind and empowerment of hands. To promote quality research in diverse areas of development and engage in application of knowledge for community development. To develop National and International network with industry, service sector and other academic and research institutes to meet various expectations of stake holders. To promote extensive use of ICT for enrichment of teaching, learning and effective governance.


  • To create responsible Homoeopathic Practitioners who are socially aware of their duties with the vision to contribute their knowledge to the science in the future and to serve the society.

Our Objectives

  • To offer quality education in Homoeopathy considering world health trends so as to be able to address health needs globally and also at the grass root level.
  • To provide quality higher education which stimulates curiosity, inquiry and creativity.
  • Hence enkindling the flame of research in homoeopathy in areas which benefit the community
  • To obtain competency in providing complete health care to the needy, so as to achieve a permanent restoration of health in a gentle manner.
  • To introduce and promote the use of ICT as a teaching – learning tool.
  • To inculcate integrity, honesty, responsibility and accountability towards patients and science.
  • To promote awareness and care for the environment by adopting measures to respect and conserve nature.