Surgery, Including ENT, Ophthalmology, Dentistry & Homoeopathic Therapeutics

About Department

Surgery Department consists of a well-functioning OPD as well as IPD Unit along with the experts from different surgical streams.

Surgery is taught in the II as well as III yr of the BHMS course.

While the students appear for the exam only in the III yr. Since the syllabus being vast it is split in these two years.

General surgery with application of Homoeopathy in Surgical cases is taught in the 2nd yr and Systemic Surgery with ENT, Ophthalmology, Dentistry and Orthopedics is taught in the III yr by Specialists of concern subject along with application of Homoeopathy in Surgical cases by full time Homoeopathic faculty.


Homoeopathy as a science needs clear application on part of the physician to decide about the best course of action(s) required to restore the sick, to health


  • Diagnose common surgical cases.
  • To treat Surgical conditions by Homoeopathy wherever possible
  • Organize Pre and Post-operative Homoeopathic medicinal care as total/partial responsibility
  • Organize a complete Homoeopathic care for restoring the susceptibility of the patient to normality.


  • To build the confidence and faith in Homoeopathy in treatment of all cases and especially in Surgical cases. To know the Scope and limitation of Homoeopathy in Surgical cases.
  • Lectures are conducted by renowned surgeons of different surgical streams for the better understanding of the students in that subjects like General surgeon, ENT specialist, Ophthalmologist and Dentists conducts the lectures.
  • Local guardianship allotted for every staff member-regular meetings conducted individual problems defined and resolved with individual guidance. Parent teacher meetings conducted at the beginning of every term.
  • Above specialists also comes for OPDs for patient consultation. So the patients gets expert consultation facility under one roof.
  • Surgical conditions treated successfully in the Department. are Hemorrhoids, Renal calculi, APD, Spondyliosis,
  • Guest lecturers of renowned personalities were organized by the department- (Ophthalmologists) like DR. M.B. Jhamwar. Dr. Sanjay Tekwade.
  • Result in the subject was always above 90%

Dr.Sanjay Tekawade Conducting a lecture r. Devidas Jadhav (Urologist)


Cases effectively treated with Homoeopathy


Department has received the grants under the EMR scheme for the Project on ‘Breast Cancer”

STSH Project under CCRH –“Homoeopathy in Bleeding Hemorrhoids in Grade 2.”Completed successfully in year 2018.