Taej Mundkur
Dr. Taej MundkurAdjunct Faculty

Institute of Environment Education & Research


Dr. Taej Mundkur is an independent nature conservationist and consultant based in the Netherlands. He has over three decades of experience with Wetlands International, where he developed global waterbird conservation programs in partnership with various stakeholders. Currently, he advises Wetlands International, Eco Foundation Global, and BirdLife International on projects such as the World Coastal Forum and a Central Asian Flyway Situation Analysis for migratory birds

Dr. Mundkur serves as a Senior Advisor to Wetlands International, representing the organization in various roles within the East Asian Australasian Flyway Partnership (EAAFP). He has been involved in initiatives related to avian influenza monitoring, capacity building, and action plans for flyways worldwide. His contributions extend to strengthening the capacity of veterinarians and wildlife staff in wild bird disease monitoring across Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Dr. Mundkur's publications cover a broad spectrum of conservation topics, emphasizing communication, capacity building, and awareness. He actively engages in training and capacity-building activities at regional and national levels, collaborating with government staff, universities, experts, and stakeholders to address conservation challenges.