Student Activities

Students are encouraged to participate in various extracurricular activities offered by the institute, along with academic activities. As part of student activities, there are various clubs, and many cultural activities are held annually.

Students Clubs

During the academic years, the students have the chance to apply and join one of the many college clubs. The students use the opportunity to join clubs to build their networking skills and learn more about teamwork and leadership.

In our Institute there is a practice of forming a Management Club every year where each class’s class representative participation is there. One management club coordinator is there to monitor, manage and communicate to management club members.

Through Management club various activities like Foundation Day Celebration, Teachers Day Celebration, Road Safety Awareness Program, Cultural activities are conducted.

Through this club, students have the opportunity to gain experience in Event Management and various activities. It also aims to create leadership skills, Team building skills, interpersonal skills.


Indoor and outdoor sports activities are open for students of all academic years of the campus.


The institute also organizes annual sports festivals to encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities which includes Cricket, Volleyball, Throw ball, Chess & Carom. Our students participate at International Level as well as University Level. We have separate staff appointed Physical Director.

Cultural Activities

Cultural activities are organized occasionally for the students to discover and build their talent and skills. Every year institute is organising different types of cultural programme for the students. Fresher’s party is organising for the newcomers and at the end of the academic year MANCON i.e. Management Conference annual gathering is also organised in the institute.