Academic Facilities



The Social Sciences Centre has state-of-the-art classrooms to provide the best academic experience to the students. All of the classrooms are equipped with the latest technology and are comfortably designed, spacious and well ventilated. The faculty can also use internet facilities and projectors in their classrooms to indulge the students further in the knowledge of the subject.

Seminar Halls

The seminar hall on the campus is designed to accommodate any kind of programme or seminars that are conducted by the centre. The hall is well equipped with an audio and internet facility along with the latest technology that is required to successfully conduct various seminars and programmes. The centre has a spacious seating facility in its seminar hall for approximately 200 students.


Computer Labs

The centre has active computer labs with an adequate number of computers with an internet connection. Students will be able to access the Computer Labs to use internet services, printer services, and CDs on various courses and to prepare for their seminar presentations.To serve the students effectively, the centre has multiple nodes, printers, scanners and CD writers.



The Social Sciences Centre Library is well equipped with more than 11000 reference books, 35 journals, periodicals and magazines. Students can use the library as their source of rich, updated and relevant collection of materials that are required during their academic year. The library has been completely computerized and easily accessible to the students, teachers, alumni and research scholars. The users, as per the e-resource access and remote access policy, can access online journals, e-journals and e-library facilities. New books and periodicals are added to the library annually. To make the users aware of the new additions, a new arrival list is sent to them. At the library, the students also have access to the resource rules and user categories, print and digital resources.