An optical dispensing is subspecialty of optometry which includes all the procedures from the time the spectacle prescription is presented to the optometrist till the patients are on with the pair of spectacles satisfactorily.

This includes the selection of suitable frame, ophthalmic lens, lens coating & other accessories (clip ons, Fresnel prism, etc) which will fulfil the patients visual demands.

Facilities which are provided for dispensing optics & workshop at Bharati Vidyapeeth School of Optometry, Pune:

  • Frame identification (material, parts, specialty frames)
  • Prisms
  • IPD measurement (PD rule, Pupillometer, Frame PD)
  • Lens standards
  • Ophthalmic lens identification (material, type, power, coatings)
  • Lens manufacturing & surfacing
  • Lens markings (Single vision lenses, Bifocals, Progressives)
  • Lens thickness measurement (Screw Gauge)
  • Absorptive lenses (Tinted, poloroids, photochromics)
  • Frame adjustment, standard alignments, repair, etc.
  • Special lenses (Lenticulars, Aspheric, Atorics, Occupational)
  • Personalised and digital measurements for accurate dispensing of spectacles are practiced with the help of Essilor Visioffice.
  • Lens Power measurement (Hand neutralization, Lensometer, Geneva lens measure)
  • Pediatric Dispensing

Also guest lectures are held frequently by the companies like Essilor, Hoya, etc.