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Ph.D. (Interdisciplinary Sciences)

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Programme Overview

The Interdisciplinary Ph.D (ID Ph.D) program is of minimum three years of duration and it is for those students who want to whose interest lies in various academic disciplines. Those who get to pursue this programme will get an opportunity to bring together shared research concerns as well as expertise of a diverse supervisory committee in studies that are across the conventional traditional disciplinary borders.

Programme Outcomes

  • icon Focus on cross disciplinary approach - After selecting the subjects for ID Ph.D, students learn how to connect to different areas of studies and how to apply their knowledge.
  • icon Provide solutions to global problems - Interdisciplinary efforts will help to resolve various global problems such as climate change, poverty, public health etc.
  • icon Know research methodology - Students develop skills related to data analysis by adopting the right research methodology and acquiring information across departments and core curriculum
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Key Information


3-5 Years

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Career Prospects

On completion of Ph.D in Interdisciplinary Sciences, some of the job profiles and career prospects which the candidates can look into are listed below. The job profile will also depend on the interdisciplinary programme in which one has undertaken research.

  • Scientist
  • Teacher
  • Consultant
  • Psychiatrist
  • Project Manager
  • Professor
  • Financial advisor
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Admission Counsellor