Student Life

Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University is a top-ranking university in India with the best student life. Beyond studies, there is so much to do here. Student life at Bharati Vidyapeeth is truly a memorable experience. Here, we inspire young minds to see the world differently and soar higher in life. Find out what you can expect from student life in Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University. 


Exceptional academic experience

We empower students through a cutting-edge curriculum and innovative teaching pedagogy. During their academic term, they get to participate in various seminars, workshops, and conferences, which help in enhancing their knowledge and enriching their academic experience. 

Rewarding ways to get engaged on campus

We have several on-campus clubs and societies in which students can get involved to become a part of the cultural landscape. These events provide a good scope to meet like-minded people and make new friends. The university also runs various sports activities. All these extracurricular activities contribute to the holistic development of students and help them stay healthy – emotionally, mentally, and physically. 


Safe and secure life

We want our students to feel safe on campus. There is 24-hour security and extensive CCTV coverage in the common areas to ensure students’ safety. 


State-of-the-art facilities

From offering a homely accommodation to offering banking and postal services, the BVDU campuses are blessed with all the facilities that students need to live a comfortable campus life. 


Strong Community Spirit

With students from different parts of India and the rest of the world, the university celebrates its diverse culture. Living and learning in a multicultural campus is a wonderful experience and it prepares students to become global leaders of tomorrow. It has a supportive community of peers which makes life easy on campus. 

Health and Wellness

We truly care for our students’ well-being. We have all the medical facilities to cater to the health-related needs of our students. They do not need to go out of the campus to buy medicines. We have on-campus pharmacies which are well-stocked with essential medicines and drugs. 


Green Campuses

Along with world-class infrastructure, the lush green campuses offer a tranquil environment that contributes to the healthy life of students.