Research Opportunity


‘Since its establishment, many research papers have been published, and patents have been licensed under the institute’ change this as ‘Since its establishment, many research papers have been presented and published at National/International forums; many tools for assessment and management of persons with communication disorders have been developed by the staff and students of SASLP. Faculty of SASLP promote and guide research at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels.

Research Opportunity in Audiology

Hearing Disorders:

Assessment of Hearing:

SASLP has comprehensive test battery and state of the art facility for assessing the entire auditory pathway using both behavioral and electrophysiological tests across lifespan. The electrophysiological tests carried out include auditory brainstem response, auditory steady state responses, Electrocochleography, Cortical auditory evoked potentials, event related potentials such as P300, MMN, Acoustic Change complex, Brainstem and cortical response to speech stimuli. To improve efficacy of diagnostic test battery, various tests and protocols have been developed and are being developed as a part of departmental research., Masters dissertation and doctoral thesis. There is a need for further research in developing speech perception test in regional languages. The excellent infrastructure and clients with various disorders availing clinical services from different regions of India gives ample opportunities for research in behavioral as well as electrophysiological measures of hearing.

Department of Neonatology and pediatrics of Bharati Hospital and Research Center is renowned for its comprehensive care of neonates, infants and young children. Hearing screening is an integral part of its service delivery. Hearing screening of all the babies born in Bharati Hospital is carried out using otoacoustic emission analyser and babies who do not pass screening are referred for auditory brainstem response. Research can be conducted to explore the maturation of auditory system and auditory responses.

Management of hearing disorders:

Adults and children with hearing problem who do not benefit from medical or surgical intervention are rehabilitated using various hearing devices including digital hearing aids, cochlear implants as well as implantable and non-implantable bone conduction devices. SASLP runs a one stop cochlear implant centre with state of the art facilities and experienced faculty members for assessing candidacy of cochlear implant, pre- implant counselling, intra-operative monitoring, post-implant rehabilitation services. Cochlear implant surgery is conducted by the ENT surgeon of SASLP at Bharati Hospital & Research Centre. Free cochlear implant surgeries are done under ADIP scheme. Facilities available at the cochlear implant unit include electrophysioogical measures such as electrical compound action potentials, electrical stapedial reflexes, electrical auditory brainstem responses, cortical evoked potentials and behavioral measures. There is scope of research using all the facilities available at the unit.

Trained and experiencd special educators and audiologists carry out rehabilitation of children and adults with hearing impairment. Research has been conducted to develop auditory training manuals for habilitation of children with hearing impairment. There is a scope to conduct research on aural rehabilitation for both children and adults with hearing loss.


SASLP carries out comprehensive evaluation for tinnitus including pitch and loudness matching of tinnitus, minimum masking level, residual inhibition as well as tinnitus reaction index among others. The management options provided for person with tinnitus include masking therapy, sound therapy, amplification devices, sound generators. There is a scope for research to improve the quality of assessment and management of persons with tinnitus.

Vestibular Disorders

The vestibular unit of SASLP is fully equipped with screening as well as diagnostic tests for assessing vestibular system. Diagnostic tests include complete test battery (Central and peripheral tests) of Videonystagmography (VNG), Video Head Impulse test, Subjective Visual Vertical test among others. Management of vestibular disorders at SASLP includes vestibuar rehabilitation exercises (VRT) and vestibular repositioning maneuvers. Audiologists of this unit work in collaboration with otolaryngologists and neurologists of Bharati Hospital and Research center. Bedside screening is carried out at Bharati Hospital and Research Centre and those needing detailed evaluations are referred to SASLP. Clients referred from Bharati Hospital and Research Center as well as different medical professionals avail benefit of the state of the art infrastructure as well as expertise of experience and dedicated professionals of this unit. All these facilitate research in tune with advances in assessment and management of vestibular disorders occurring globally.

Central auditory processing disorder

Screening checklists, screening tests and comprehensive test battery is available for assessing auditory processing in children and adults. Tests developed at SASLP in local languages include Perception of Speech in Noise, Auditory Memory and sequencing test, Acceptable noise level test, time compressed speech test, Auditory- Linguistic Integration test, Sentence in noise test, Dichotic digit, and Dichotic word tests. Tests like Pitch Pattern, Auditory fusion tests are also available for assessment of temporal processing. To supplement and complement the results of behavioral assessment, auditory evoked potentials such as brainstem and cortical responses to speech stimuli can be used. SASLP receives referrals from different parts of Maharashtra for the assessment of auditory processing deficits. Evidence based therapy is carried out for children and adults with central auditory processing disorder. There is plenty of research opportunities in this upcoming field of auditory processing disorder.

Research Opportunity in Speech Language Pathology

Child language

SASLP has facilities for comprehensive assessment and is equipped with standard tests like Linguistic Profile Test, MISHA test of communication development in Marathi (MTCDM), Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals (CELF) Preschool, 3 Dimensional Language Acquisition Test (3D LAT), Manipal Manual of Assessment of Language Development (MM-ALD), Manipal Manual of Language Assessment (MMLA), Communication DEALL Developmental Checklist (CDDC), etc. Various tests in local languages have been developed as a part of departmental research, dissertation and PhD thesis. The clinical facilities at SASLP and collaborations of SASLP with regular schools, special schools and other centres within and outside Pune city provides multiple research opportunities in child language development and disorders.

Social Communication disorders

There is a need for research on social communication behavior and disorders and SASLP has initiated research with development of tools for assessment of pragmatic skills of children. There is scope for further research that can be conducted at SASLP in this domain.

Detailed assessment and management of pragmatic skills of children with social communication disorders provided at SASLP provides opportunities for translational research.


SASLP has state of art facilities for instrumental assessment for voice such as Stroboscopy, Computerised Speech Lab (Multi Dimensional voice profile (MDVP), Dr. Speech, Spirometry, and Nasometry. Trained faculties with experience in perceptual assessment of voice conduct assessments and management for individuals who are professional voice users and individuals with voice disorders. Referrals from different medical professionals and voice culture centres in addition proximity to Bharati Hospital makes it possible to conduct research across the entire genre of voice.


There is scope for research in fluency development and disorders and SASLP has access to various standardized tests for assessment of children and adults with fluency disorders such as Kiddy CAT, Stuttering Severity Instrument–Fourth Edition (SSI-4), Perceptions of Stuttering Inventory, Stuttering prediction instrument, Impact Scale for Assessment of Cluttering and Stuttering (ISACS) among others. Facilities for development of and establishing efficacy of assessment and management approaches/ techniques are available at SASLP.

Speech sound disorder

SASLP serves children with functional and structural speech sound disorders. Various test tools, instrumental and perceptual, are used for assessment. These in addition to the trained faculty aids in conducting research in speech sound disorders.

Neurocommunication disorders

SASLP has dedicated bedside services for speech, language, cognitive-linguistic and swallowing difficulties for patients admitted at Bharati Hospital. Speech-NeuroOPD is set up at Bharati Hospital for follow up visits and new patients. SASLP has various tests available for Aphasia, Dysarthria, Apraxia of Speech, and cognitive communication disorders such as Western Aphasia Battery (WAB), Boston Diagnostic Aphasia Examination (BDAE), Bilingual Aphasia Test (BAT), Manipal Manual for Cognitive Linguistic Abilities (MMCLA), Addenbrooke's Cognitive Examination (ACE), Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA), Mini Mental State exam (MMSE), Cognitive Linguistic Assessment Protocol (CLAP), Franchey Dysarthria assessment (FDA), Apraxia Battery for Adults (ABA) and many more. This gives ample research opportunities in neurocommunication disorders.

Swallowing disorders

Clinical services for persons with swallowing disorders are provided at bedside at Bharati Hospital & Research Centre and on OPD basis at SASLP. Facilities available at SASLP such as Fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation for swallowing FEES and Videofluoroscopic Swallowing Study (VFSS) at Bharati Hospital allows for objective assessment to supplement and complement the results for assessment conducted by trained and experienced faculty at SASLP. Various tests to assess swallowing disorders in cancer patient, post stroke patient and neurodegenerative condition patient are developed at the department. SASLP has a MoU with a cancer hospital to make these specialized services for swallowing available for people with head and neck cancers. Research in this specialized area is facilitated by access to all these facilities.


SASLP works with children of Bharati Vidyapeeth Schools and various other schools in Pune for assessment and management of children with language and literacy issues. Tools and tests in the local languages as well as English (Indian) need to be developed. Research has been initiated and some tests/ tools have been developed and there is scope for further research.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

SASLP provides a wide variety of AAC options that include low tech options like communication boards, PECS, I tran and high tech options with softwares like Avaz and Jellow. These facilities and clients with wide range of disorders availing services of SASLP provide ample opportunity for research in AAC for children and adults.