Sports Activities

The institute organizes different annual sports activities to ensure that the students are able to participate in physical events. Most of the outdoor sports activities are held at the field situated on the campus. Some of the sports activities happened in last few years were:

Annual Sports Event 2022

BV (DU) SASLP organized annual sports event for all students and staff of SASLP from 18th to 21st December 2022. During the occasion, various indoor and outdoor games were organised.

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Participation of students of SASLP in Carrom Competition

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Brilliant performance of students of SALP in Chess completion

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Enthralling matches at Badminton court

Outdoor sports

Outdoor sports events were organised on 18th and 21st December 2022 from 9 to 5 pm. The lists of various outdoor games are:

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Football competition at Bharati Vidyapeeth sport ground.

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Active participation of students in Kho-Kho

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Joyful Tug of War completion between students of different batches

Fun fare stalls

Funfare was organised on 21st December 2022 from 9am to 5 pm.

Students from all the batches and staff of SASLP had kept various food stalls & game stalls for all the students and staff.

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In 2016 – 17

Many students participated in various Cultural & Sports competitions held during Youth Fest’16 in Sep, 2016 at Bharathi Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University)’s New Law College, Pune. The following students got recognized with awards

  • Mr. Abhijeet. R.Bhat ( FYBASLP student), Mr.Prashant P. Nirmal (FYBASLP student), Mr. Kapil Sawant (FYBASLP student), Mr. Qumail Shaikh (SYBASLP student), Mr. Mohd Afzal (FYBASLP student) and Mr. Saneer Khan (SYMASLP student) participated in Men’s Cross Country tournament held at BV (DU) on 14th September, 2016.
  • Ms. Chaitrali pavnaskar (TYBASLP student), Ms. Palak Julaniya (FYBASLP student), Ms. Aradhana Rai. (Intern) and Ms. Shital Jambhule (TYBASLP student) participated in Female’s Cross Country tournament held at BV (DU) on 14th September, 2016.

In 2014-15

Students of BV (DU) SASLP participated in various intercollege sports competitions like Cross Country, Swimming, Chess, Table tennis as follows:

  • Ms Aaradhana Rai (FYBASLP), Ms. Revita Sarma (FYBASLP), Ms. Shraddha Kolapkar (SYBASLP) , Ms. Shron Dass Mishra (TYBASLP), Ms.Hemal Shah(FYBASLP), Ms. Nikita (Intern), Ms. Sneha (Intern) participated in Basketball competition on 13/9/2014. Ms. Aaradhan Rai got selected for west zone.
  • Ms.Aradhana Rai (SYBASLP), Ms.Revita Sarma(FYBASLP), Ms.Akshi Kaul (FYBASLP), Ms.Pooja Bharati (FYBASLP), Ms.T rupti(SYMASLP), Ms.Juilee Naik (SYBASLP) participated in Volley ball competition on 16/9/2014.
  • Mr. Nikhil Bhagwat(SYBASLP), Mr. Sumit (FYBASLP), Mr. Qumail Shaikh(FYBASLP), Mr. Shlok Srivastva(FYBASLP), Mr.Rohan (FYBASLP), Mr. Mrudul Raut(SYBASLP), Mr. Kaunteya Katle(SYBASLP), Mr.Abhishek (FYBASLP), Ms.Aradhana Rai(SYBASLP), Ms.Suvarna Baxi(FYBASLP), Ms.Revita Sarma(FYBASLP), Ms.Priyanka (FYBASLP), Ms.Trupti Khade(SYMASLP), Ms.Pooja Bharati (FYMASLP), Ms.Sayali, Ms.Aditi, Ms.Rutvika participated in hand ball competition on 22/9/2014. Ms.Aaradhan Rai,Ms.Kanchan Khatri, Ms.Suvarna Baxi,Revita Sarma & Ms.Priyanka got selected for BV (DU)'s Hand ball Team(Female) Mr.Nikhil got selected BV (DU)'s Hand ball Team (Male)