Outreach Activities

SASLP organizes various outreach activities in collaboration with other institutes and organizations to promote awareness about the courses and subjects. Some of the commonly held outreach activities are visitations, training, lectures, discussions, workshops, fairs and more.

The under privileged section of the society finds it difficult to approach the hospital and get themselves treated. BV(DU) SASLP caters to the needs of such individual by outreaching them through camps in different places of Maharashtra like Satara, Ratnagiri, Wai etc. Services are also provided to special schools, old age homes and at the extension centres of Bharati Hospital.

Services provided to special schools are

  • Kamayani School of Mentally Challenged, Pune
  • Dwidal Rehabilitation Centre, Pune
  • Ankur School, Pune
  • Asha School, Pune