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Alumni Guest Talk : Mr. Shalabh Agarwal, CEO Mosaic Learnings

This session was organised on 8th February 2023 in BVIMR. The lecture started with the introduction of our alumni Mr. Shalabh Agarwal, who is currently CEO of Mosaic learnings. He explained the requirement of managerial skills in different departments of an organisation and its importance in personal as well as professional life. He elucidated different possible career paths and opportunities for BBA & MBA students. He pointed out that the biggest barrier for placement of a student is the mismatch between industry desired skill set and the skills imparted through their academic curriculum. Further, he suggested careful planning of academic curriculum with emphasis on industry requirements will boost the placement record of the institution. Further, he emphasized to raise the basic awareness of entrepreneurial concepts and turn their academic projects and innovative ideas into startup ventures. The lecture provided various insights on career opportunities for graduates and emphasized the significance of strong communication skills apart from academic merit of the student in their career path.