Sports Activities

Together, they put on an astonishing display of fearlessness, diligence, expertise and intensity during the Youth Sports festival . Sports helps in overall development and growth of a student and helps in building their skills.

Keeping up the tradition, this year too, BVIMR Youth Sports Meet was organized with the same bombastic spirit among students, a venue to display their physical valour, and gain hands-on experience of organizing a sports-meet in years to come. The event commenced with an enthusiastic message for the students by our honourable director Dr. Yamini Agarwal

The main objective of this meet was to develop physical talents to their maximum potential, engage in competitive activities, while promoting sound health, safety, and physical fitness, exemplify good conduct as a means for learning good citizenship, learn to appropriately experience both success and failure in an educational environment, learn from experience that consequences follow the violation of a rule, experience working as a team member, exercising self-discipline and self-sacrifice in order to achieve team goals,

learning outcome: Students learn many things on ground which they don’t learn in class room. Students learn to coordinate with team members, sharpen the team building and leadership skills. They learn to manage record keeping, event organization etc. Students learn to analyse situations and apply the principles of appropriate leadership skills and behaviours related to sport management and sport leadership responsibilities. Students learnt to apply critical thinking and reasoning skills as sports management professionals.